Thursday, January 16, 2014

They won’t say it publicly, but police departments around the country are preparing for domestic revolution


When mortgage rates skyrocket, and the price of gasoline quadruples, when dollars are worth only pennies and healthcare costs more than a $300,000 mortgage monthly, when everyone wakes up and realizes that Washington DC has created the biggest financial avalanche of the century, that’s when local police departments are going to be using their latest purchases, armored vehicles from the War in the Middle East, to “keep peace” on the streets in every medium to Metro-sized city of the USA. Remember the Boston bombing and how the SWAT COPS rolled down the suburban streets and it looked like North Korea having their military flexing of muscles parade. This was getting America ready, to accept this as a norm, that the military cops, the militia, can roll up YOUR street and pull you from your home to look for ‘suspects’ who might be hiding in your shed, your boat, or sitting at your kitchen table watching the fake news on CNN.


Police departments all over America won’t answer the question. They won’t say that that is what the armored vehicles are for, just like DHS won’t admit that’s why they bought hollow point bullets.


Police departments won’t be going to their Sheriff for approval or help either, because most sheriffs care about the people and wouldn’t shoot them in cold blood in the streets for protesting, or run them over with a police tank, or mace them til their blind and beat them with billy clubs, cuff them and take them away to their NDAA/FEMA prison cell where they will get NO phone calls, ever.


Where is the DMZ of the USA? Where are the peacekeepers? Where are the health enthusiasts who have their storable food, water, seeds, soil and weapons? Are they watching the fake news on ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, or are they prepping? I know what the police departments are doing. They’re prepping. Are you prepping for the financial, economic and psychological tsunami? Because you know the news is going to tell you everything is “alright” and there’s “nothing to see here” – just like they’re doing now with Fukushima and Building 7.


The militarization of police departments around the nation continues, as evidenced by the purchase of a massive, military-grade armored vehicle by an agency in Florida. According to the local NBC affiliate, police in Fort Pierce "are now armed with a U.S. military surplus battle wagon: a six wheel, 30-ton armored vehicle worth $700,000 - that the agency got for $2,000."

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