Friday, January 10, 2014

Nobel Peace Prize to be taken away from Obama and given to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger! (satire)


Does anyone REALLY know why Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize in the first place? Was it because he closed Guantanamo Bay? Nope. He never did that. Was it because he fired Generals who said fighting in Afghanistan was a waste of time? Was it because he pushes GMO food all over the world to help “starving” kids eat? Was it because he pushes Bill Gate’s vaccine agenda all over the world to help inject kids with diseases they don’t want to catch? Inquiring minds want to know!


So now, here in the REAL world, where people care about other people’s health and welfare, we are (mentally) taking away Obama’s peace prize he doesn’t deserve and we are awarding it to the ultimate pioneer of health, food science, and Journalism! The Editor in Chief of Natural, Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger, has made evolutionary breakthroughs in food science, protecting millions of people (7 million per month) by creating a forensic food lab to investigate toxins that are lurking in most conventional foods and even some organic foods. He is also investigating, in the parts per billion and parts per TRILLION, heavy metal toxins in foods and how foods have heavy metals capturing capacity and retention factor. This is huge and has not been done yet (though the FDA should have done it years ago and should be doing it now), and this reveals a boatload of causes of health issues all across the world!


Best of all, the Health Ranger is releasing all of this research and vital information FOR FREE! And for that, we award him the Nobel Peace Prize for Food Safety Research! Go Mike! You are forging the way for food freedom, natural healing, and holistic medicine. This is one of the greatest weeks in food history and 2014 promises to be a food revolution for organic well being and the progress we’ve all been waiting for. Forget about GMO and the Biotech Food “Nazis” and get with the organic mission, the movement, the evolution of food science and help make a difference!


Here is some of that research from the Health Ranger:


The food science breakthrough announcements we've made this week are making huge waves across the food and superfood industries. Readers are absolutely ecstatic about: 1) The breakthrough concepts we've unveiled with the Metals Retention Factor and Metals Capturing Capacity, 2) The available of heavy metals lab testing results for foods at, and 3) The astonishing fact that we have made ALL this information available for FREE to the public!

Learn more:


This mini-documentary describes the launch of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab and its mission to publicly document analytical research on the heavy metals, toxic elements and radioactive isotopes found in everyday foods:


This mini-documentary explains the Metals Retention Factor, a food science concept pioneered by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, which describes the ability of foods and dietary substances to bind with toxic elements and prevent them from being absorbed into the body via digestion:



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