Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toxic Food from the Industrial Revolution – We eat it – Mike Adams tests it and shows us the lab results


2014 Projects to save society from self destruction! Natural News Forensic Food Lab:

Find out about these:


Just how much aluminum is in aluminum canned soda?


Testing Mickey D’s chicken mcnuggets testing for arsenic! -


Scientific Validation while cooking on aluminum pans!


Testing Whole Foods’ organic products, especially those from China!


Info to be shared publicly by the Health Ranger Mike Adams – come shop on Amazon.com with the ultimate pioneer of food science! Make smart choices. Know what to avoid.


Huge Win for public safety regarding food


Further your vegan knowledge. Further your vegetarian knowledge. Protect your kids. Protect society. Learn a wealth of information in just a few hours:


Nutritional Supplements: Supplements heavy metals tests: Aluminum, Arsenic, Copper, Cesium, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, Uranium 


Superfoods tested for contaminants. http://labs.naturalnews.com/Category-Superfoods.html



Soil is contaminated with lead: a look at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab: http://labs.naturalnews.com/Gallery-Forensic-Food-Lab-Tour.html


Eating aluminum and arsenic regularly: check your chicken and baking soda!


Eating mercury and cadmium regularly: check your medicine and your environment: Proteins heavy metals tests too! http://labs.naturalnews.com/Category-Proteins.html


You know that’s how the Roman Empire went “mad” and collapsed … lead pipes and aqueducts! Don’t lower your IQ. Don’t drink tap water, ever.


Here it from the Health Ranger right here: http://labs.naturalnews.com/Video-Forensic-Food-Lab-Announcement.html. Learn how to avoid the cycle of destruction. Hear the great contribution and make informed choices. Stay positive!


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