Monday, February 10, 2014

CAFOs, hormone and antibiotic OVERLOAD leads to cancer - Natural News exclusive


What do humans get when their hormones get overloaded, again and again, and again? Tumors! What are tumors? They’re actually your body’s effort to contain the contaminants, the carcinogens, the poison, the hormones, - the cancer. Then, what do humans do who have tumors? They keep eating the hormones while they go to a surgeon to get the tumors cut out. What does the FDA care about all this? You’re about to find out.


CAFOs are confined animal eating operations where most of the “corporate led” sheeple farmers do what the Biotech Giants tell them to do and thus they can keep their farm deed in tact, and their tractors, and the deal they signed to use certain drugs for the animals “own good” and for profit margins to increase. Worse, the farmers shoot up the cattle in the last two weeks sometimes, to “beef them up” before they beef YOU up, you the carnivores of America and even overseas. So now, the cattle are loaded with hormones and antibiotics. In other words, the cattle are so heavy they can’t even stand up anymore so they lie down in their own feces until time for slaughter. It’s “fast food” on the streets but slow killing – for the animals and the humans. And the animals hear the other animals dying, their relatives, who were sick and jacked up on antibiotics to fight that sickness. And now some farmers are in trouble with the FDA, because they’ve been busted with levels of antibiotics in the cattle more than 3 times what the FDA “allows” – maybe it’s just a ploy by the FDA to look like they are policing the CAFOs and care about overloading animals with drugs (cattle and sheeple). You know image is everything in America!


Natural News has the report:


"[USDA/FSIS] analysis of tissue samples collected from that animal identified the presence of desfuroylceftiofur in the kidney at a level of 1.23 parts per million," reads the warning letter. "FDA has established a tolerance of 0.4 ppm for the marker residue desfuroylceftiofur in the edible tissues of cattle. ... The presence of desfuroylceftiofur in edible tissue from this animal in this amount causes the food to be adulterated."

Learn more: 


So what does “adulterated” mean? Not suitable for children? Not suitable for the cows? Not suitable for human consumption? Or does adulterated mean unnecessary hospital care? Does Obamacare want to cut the hormones out of your breast, or prostate, or maybe take out your testicles, because you don’t monitor what you eat and drink, like conventional meat and conventional milk?




You are what you eat, and millions of Americans consume antibiotic burgers and hormone steaks every day. Throw ‘em on that grill and double the nitrates. The overload of antibiotics in humans makes them resistant to antibiotics, and some scientists say we’ve already exhausted the few kinds there are on Superbugs that have become immune to them. People are checking into hospitals with major health problems wondering how their eating habits became immunity crushers and cancer causing nightmares, problems that didn’t exist back in the 50’s and 60’s with all the family farms. If you eat meat or drink milk, make sure it’s from a family farm that cares about their animals, and doesn’t shoot them up with hormones and antibiotics, no matter WHAT the “FDA” recommended limits are.


So are you following the sick cattle to the “slaughter house” (chronic care facility)? Are you sheeple people who do everything you’re told to do by your government, like eat MSG, get flu shots, drink aspartame milk and never, ever protest? Are you afraid to talk about what’s really happening to the animals in CAFOs? Natural News Blogs aren’t.


Stay tuned to Natural News Tracker and Health Ranger Update for more on Superbugs, CAFOs and GMO meat and milk.




The “Man” (Biotech and Big Food) tried to outlaw labels that warn customers about hormones in MILK:


I know people love their Dr. Oz, but watch what he says about cancer meat and cancer milk:


Dr. Oz viciously attacks organic foods and farmers markets & urges clueless consumers to eat more pesticides and GMO





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