Thursday, February 13, 2014

Every year 14,000,000 people worldwide get cancer


Welcome to the great blight and the plight. Say hello to the world police who claim to help everyone, but what’s really going on? Poor and developing countries often receive help from the United States in the form of GMO food and vaccines, which are also loaded with GMO, aluminum and mercury. We (USA) “install” democracy using McDonalds and influenza shots for the peoples of the world who are struggling without proper nutrition, clean water to drink, and without chemicals coursing through their blood. They are without what the USA has that keeps them “so healthy” that they need “sick care” coverage from the government. We spread peace and GMO. We are the good guys, right? We actually police the world and steal their resources, and in the process we “install” cancer, giving the starving kids no more nutrition than they already have, and we inject them with all the toxins found in today’s vaccines or “immunity crushers.”


Now the “Who” (and no not the band) – the World Health Organization says that cancer rates are expected to go up 70% in just 20 years, so where does that put the USA on the “good guy” scale? WHO are we really helping, and are we helping at all, or just making things worse for them, and in turn for ourselves by wasting money, resources, and not really caring for the people we say we do on the news, and in the newspapers, so all the sheeple will accept this ongoing “war on terror.” Meanwhile, down there on the streets and in the third worlds, people are getting cancer and dying of cancer, and they are taking medicine for it that doesn’t help, and they are thinking there is no cure.


Every year 14,000,000 worldwide get cancer so how do they get it? Fifty percent of the ones in the USA die, but what percent die in other countries? Are the stats as high? What if the people moved to high altitude areas that are not big cities, what then? Should we talk about those statistics on the evening news on TV? Hey Wolfe Blitzer and Anderson Cooper, I have a cover story for you.


USA food is sprayed with a cocktail of poisons that kill everything living, including the food, the bugs, the worms, the beetles, the fungus, the rabbits, the turtles, the insects, the bees, the cows, the chickens, the turkeys, the PIGS, and yes, the humans. The USA is exporting medicine that contains GMO chicken embryo and human albumin mixed with mutations of bacteria and virus. The USA is exporting Superbugs and helping developing countries around the world rise up and match our horrific cancer statistics. (Insert Big Pharma commercial here).


Natural News brings you this coverage of why bad food and bad medicine are no gift but more of a blight on mankind:


misjudges why an increasing number of people across the globe are developing the disease in the first place. While age is definitely a factor in determining cancer risk, so are things like genetically modified organisms (GMOs), trans fats, fluoridated drinking water and many other ubiquitous facets of modern life in North America that are largely ignored.

Learn more:


How do you really fight cancer and feed the world if you want to help?




Beware of fake companies, fake gurus and fake corporations who STEAL your money and act like they are helping!!


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