Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cheese, Meat, Bread and Canola Oil for America – eat up! – An inside look at heart disease and cancer breeders


Animal fat clogs your veins and canola oil chokes your cells, but America doesn’t care. Bread is full of gluten and pesticide but America doesn’t care – well, until it happens to them. You know, that c word rears its ugly head at the doctor’s office, or those words “bypass surgery” come up in a conversation with someone close to them. Wow? They have to do what? – Scrape animal fat out of your artery walls? Your heart is working how hard? What? I never learned about that in science class, sorry. And they never teach nutrition in schools – it might even be illegal.


How could YOU have gotten cancer or heart disease? You were moderate about what you ate, right? Everything in moderation, right? Nope. Not anymore. That was the old days, when mom and pop grocery stores carried fresh untainted produce for your grandparents to buy, and biotech hadn’t taken over most of the major farms of the U.S. Midwest. Yep, thems-the-good ole days. Before pesticide food. Before food glue (gluten) that sticks to your insides and clogs your intestines with poison, daily. Those were the days, when you actually could sit down and eat some meat, drink a glass of milk, and nosh on some bread and cheese without getting a little heart disease and cancer. That’s an “American Pastime” for ya.


Today, if you don’t eat 70% raw organic vegetables and fruits, you could be in for a rude awakening. If you don’t watch everything you eat and read every label on every item you buy, including those personal care items you put on your skin – your largest organ – well, then, you could be in for bad news from your WITCH DOCTOR – that allopathic apathetic and often pathetic excuse to NOT WATCH what you eat, what you drink, and what you put on your body. Yep, a hundred million people are ALL wrong. There is no safety in those numbers. It’s the blind leading the blind who are leading the blind right off the HEALTH CLIFF. Allopathic and Conventional Cancer Institutes of America. Doc in tha box! 24 Hour sick care facilities for people who watch TV and read the Newspapers for their news on medicine.


From Kraft to General Mills to Post, you can rely on Big Food trying to trick you into thinking they are doing the right things to help people be health conscious, but they are NOT. Corporations have to play their games, to convince the sheeple to buy their toxic cereals made from bug killing corn. Do you have MALTODEXTRIN CANCER? Did you have a HFCS heart attack? What happened? I thought you were eating that whole grain cereal in moderation. What went wrong? I thought you ate that whole grain bread and that blood restricting cheese in moderation. “A little bit won’t kill ya” is what they always say, right?


Check in with Natural News and the Natural News Tracker for in-depth research on all of these topics by clicking the following links and reading professional articles:







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