Monday, February 3, 2014

Organic egg shortage across America a sign of ORGANIC MOVEMENT gaining momentum


Did you recently decide you didn’t want to eat Bill Gate’s GMO zombie eggs, or was it the ones with the hormones and antibiotics mixed in? Are you tired of your eggs having that bouncy, sticky feel that sticks to the pan and ruins the meal? Are you tired of your CAFO eggs, that make you feel sick and aren’t worth the three cents you save at “GMO Superstore?” It seems that many have decided these things, because organic eggs and even organic food in general has been in a shortage lately, reports Natural News, and now the masses are figuring out it’s worth it to buy organic, for your wallet and your health. Are you starting to care about the life of the animal that “produces” your food? Are you putting your ethics where your mouth is? Do you realize now it’s not right to eat from animals that lead a depressed life, stuck inside some huge dark structure, overcrowded, sick, and standing in their own excrement. Who in their right mind would keep their own business or “barn” that way? Would you go in there yourself, to retrieve your milk and eggs?




This line of thinking is WHY there is an organic food shortage right now. This way of thinking is positive, sustainable, and organic itself. Life is organic. Even though convenience wins the “point of purchase” battles and the “price point” war, convenience never wins the health war, and with the impending doom of Obamacare, eighty to ninety percent of the country is on their heels, reeling from the sticker shock, wondering if they can “afford” THAT KIND of “care” – the sick care punishment, chronic care Superbug world. People are making that extra trip to get organic food. People are spending a few more dollars to not have a couple grand doctor and hospital bill for some ailments and disorders they can avoid with preventative medicine (organic food). Cancer and nervous disorders cost a whole lot more than the good milk and cheese. Even if you are vegan you can support this whole line of thinking. Immunity after all, is all about having a STRONG body full of nutrients, not a DEAD body full of GMO pesiticide, rBGH hormone (rBST), insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, and processed and artificial sugars. Get organic eggs from your organic grocer and feel the difference because there is a BIG difference. Don’t listen to the lying mass media when they tell you otherwise. Get the Natural News that reports on sustainable farming and natural health daily:


Cage-free, organic eggs and certain types of organic produce are among the products in shortage across the country. Experts are blaming the season as the reason for the shortage, with many Americans making good on their New Year's resolutions to diet and lose weight.

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