Friday, March 14, 2014

Hey smokers, how much arsenic, cadmium, lead and aluminum is in ONE cigarette, much less 20? - A heavy metal toxin investigation!


Smoking tobacco used to be a leisure activity, with few repercussions. Chewing tobacco used to provide more than a few health benefits, so what happened? Europeans settled America, and eventually, the industrial revolution took place, that’s what happened. When people started moving to cities for work in factories, food became processed, and Big Pharma began their reign of terror, convincing all Americans that the only way to treat any disease and disorder (originating from dead, processed chem.-food) was with chemical medicine. Also, Big Tobacco figured something out. If they use 4,000 chemicals to “brew” tobacco that was so addicting people would smoke til they died of lung cancer, well then, they’ve got a whole LOT of customers for life.


Using ammonia to freebase nicotine in the late 1960’s was the catapult of nicotine addiction for millions of people, and little did they know, that pack a day went to two packs a day, and for some, three packs a day. Why? It’s called the chemical hangover, and what a smoker needs to recover from the cigarette chemicals is nicotine, and if they don’t have it - watch out! There’s an all natural program that educates the “about to be non-smoker” about the chemical hangover and introduces herbs that kill the cravings of nicotine without using chemicals, medications, or hypnosis. Natural News has much information on 14AndOut the natural method to stop smoking in 14 days or less:




Smokers can get real mean and nasty when they need that “cig” and there’s no stopping them from getting to a convenient store, grocery store, pharmacy or some other cancer promoting “outlet.” Understand this, cigarettes burn so hot that the tobacco particles are carrying tiny particles, fragments if you will, of heavy metal toxins, mixed with pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, bleach (white paper), ammonia, and fiber glass (glass wool in the filter). This rips apart your epithelial tissue in the lungs and mutates your cells, and this is when the heavy metals do the most damage to the human being, making them sick, tired, nervous, ill, and making them believe they need another cigarette to escape, but actually, lighting up another one is the WORST THING they could possibly do.


The tip of a cigarette burns at 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit during the inhalation, so what happens when you mix chemicals with heavy metals at 1,700 degrees?

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