Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Natural Health News discovers the Fountain of Youth!


What if you knew the secret to the fountain of youth? What if you found it, even though you're already 30, or 50, or 70, or 90 years old? What if the fountain of youth just means that you feel young, energetic and lively, all the time? What if you felt excited, even when you were doing absolutely nothing, but eating the right food and drinking the right drinks? These are legitimate questions you might consider right now. Natural News Journalists and Reporters are seeking the truth about the fountain of youth. It's time to tune in and take part. This is exciting.


Certified Organic is great, but not perfect. What you want is perfect food. You want food and water that is free from pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and algaecides. You want food and water that is free from bleach, fluoride, and heavy metal toxins like lead, cadmium, tungsten, arsenic and mercury. You also cannot consume or inject any medication that comes from a laboratory, where modern scientists mix bacteria with viruses and insect DNA to experiment with public health and vaccines.


This is the ultimate beginning to YOUR new perfect food regimen. Sure you can cheat and eat sweets sometimes, but they too will come from organic pure chocolate, or maple syrup, or local honey. Yes, your salty foods will just mean you are eating sea salt full of minerals, not processed and iodized toxic table salt!


Next, you will always ask questions, read labels, and investigate your right to have perfect food and water. You may be installing a top of the line water filter soon to accomplish this, and grow your own herb garden with culinary spices and Superfoods galore. Then you will control 100% of your intake, from the seeds and soil to the water and fruit!


Your fruitful life full of energy begins now because you are educated and free. Your mind and body will thank you, literally, the second you change over. And your deep thinking skills, those critical thinking skills, will take off!


Let's have an inside look at the latest research that PROVES without a shadow of a doubt that organic food is MUCH MORE BENEFICIAL than conventional food and certainly than GMO.


"The most comprehensive analysis ever performed comparing organic foods with those "conventionally" grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers has concluded that organic fruits and vegetables are not just less toxic but actually more nutritious than conventional produce."


Here are 10 studies revealing the dangers and health detriment, not to mention the environmental damage GMO is doing to planet earth and everything living on it!



Natural Health News is FREE! Read it every morning, and check it again every afternoon and evening for updates. The Health Ranger and Editor in Chief of Natural News, Mike Adams, is the King of reporting on current events that affect food, agriculture, the environment and even how politics and war spill over onto our plate! Check him out. He is the ultimate pioneer and food science investigator with a spectroscopy lab!


Natural News Labs investigating food and supplements safety for us!






Use infographics above to TEACH your classes or your kids about Health Topics!



Once upon a time, the humans of earth believed that chemical medicine could heal the wounds of eating chemical food. A century later they looked back at all of the preventable diseases that consumed the masses and realized all they needed to do was remove the chemicals from the food, water and medicine, and return to the ways of farming and living before the industrial revolution. Looking back, America was quite foolish to believe in the regulatory agencies that promoted chemical agriculture like Biotech and Monsanto, while banning natural supplements as medicine.


Natural News is tracking Natural Health and finding out exactly why we have so many problems today with preventable disease and disorder. You are brought into this world by your parents who wanted you to be happy and healthy from day one. Make that change because right now, you have complete control. Go 100 percent organic (and local) and eat perfect food.








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