Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stop Smoking Naturally! An exclusive Natural News inside look at the Nutrition Secret


What is your sum total of body toxins right now? Can you measure it? You can measure it with common sense and some basic information about nutrients in food - and whether there are ANY in the food you eat. You can measure your toxicity by looking at the most common elements in what you drink and put on your skin. And of course, you can measure your toxicity by how you feel. So how do you feel right now?


There actually is a sum total of how you feel. If you eat too much food you feel like a blob. If you consume some toxins like bacteria-laden chicken or pork, and you throw up for a few days straight, all you want is for your nausea to GO AWAY, and nothing else seems to matter until it does.


There's a sum-total feeling also when you accomplish something, or share something great, or save someone from their own ill fate. This is not about a fleeting moment or some slice-of-life commercial, this is about feeling good all day, every day.


What's your sum total of body toxins now?


Over time, if you feed your "machine" dirty fuel, it breaks down. Simple as that. Garbage in - garbage out, as pro cyclists will tell you.




Stop Smoking Naturally in One Day! You can take two weeks to wean yourself off of commercial cigarettes, or you can use this program to quit in 24 HOURS!!





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