Thursday, August 14, 2014

People are underestimating the POWER of organic food - Natural News inside story


One thing's a given, natural health news enthusiasts know the power of organic food. We may not all eat it all the time, but we know the advantages and when we are right on, it's all the difference in the world. You eliminate the chemicals that are in food, drink, and skin care, personal care items, and then you soak up the natural remedies. It's simple. It's clean. It's nutritious. All the health care claims in the world about pharmaceuticals or fast track diets (scams) and fads could never work, we knew it all along. No pill in the world will save you of the ill of GMO, my friends.


Meanwhile, Monsanto is "rooting" their evil plan with propaganda:


Now, it's 2014 and the bad guys (Monsanto) are paying bloggers to brainwash YOU and Me! This is a war on food:


Don't fall for the scam food that makes you sick. Organic food brings oxygen to your cells and your brain. Think "on your feet" all day. Free your mind from the heavy metal toxins found in so many foods in America. The Health Ranger Mike Adams has exposed this in the Forensic Food Lab. Here's the link to look into this for your family's health and safe eating regimen:


Switch to 100% organic as soon as you can! Log onto Natural News here and get your head start on Natural Health News Daily:


Win the food war. Eat organic and only buy organic personal care items.

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