Friday, August 15, 2014

Warning signs cancer is coming and what to do - A Natural News inside look


Do you need a nap mid-day just to keep up with responsibilities? Are you blaming stress or food? Could you have cancer they can't even test for yet?


Do you have a fever of 99 that just won't go away? Could you have lingering infections that are actually cancer developing slowly? What will you do about it - run to an MD for some chemical prescriptions that foster cancer?


Do you have recurring mouth pains and trouble swallowing? Could your cells be getting warped by all that GMO food that contains toxic pesticide, insecticide and herbicide? Your body could be breaking down slowly from food toxins and these symptoms are just signs of this.


Natural News is reporting on unexplained weight loss that just might be explainable!


While in normal circumstances losing weight would be a welcome sight, if an individual finds themselves suddenly losing weight without trying to diet, exercise more or perform other lifestyle changes, it could be due to cancer.

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Now, the BIG QUESTION is WHICH kind of doctor will you see?


Will you go see an MD who knows NOTHING about nutrition?


Will you go see an oncologist to radiate your cells which may be suffering from radiation toxins already (food imported from oceans around Japan). Chemo could be the end of you, my friends, it could be the opposite of what your body needs.


Will you go see a doctor trained in natural foods as healing medicines? Will you see a Naturopathic Physician? You should do what's best for your health and not some political organization that wants to operate on you and try invasive surgery when your problems come from acid blood levels, excitotoxins, pharmaceuticals in drinking water and pesticide-laden gluten-loaded foods.


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