Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aluminum is a leading cause of Alzheimer's - who knew?


Aluminum is a leading cause of Alzheimer's - who knew? It's in your food, your personal care products, your antacids, your tap water and yes, its injected into muscle tissue of humans via flu shots and vaccines. What an insidious plan by the government, CDC and FDA to pollute our sources and then charge an arm and a leg, pardon the pun, for healthcare that's really just sick care. What will you do now that YOU KNOW where to find aluminum in your blood, brain and refrigerator?


Aluminum in vaccines can also cause Autism, it's not just the mercury they inject into our babies - Did you know?



The flu shot ITSELF killed 13 people in Italy recently, did you know THAT?



Could it have been the fact that people are injecting aluminum into their blood which goes to their brain? Hmmmm, common sense here folks. Get off the "fear bus" that Big Pharma has you on. Stop injecting poison into your muscle tissue, stop eating heavy metal toxins in your food. The Health Ranger Mike Adams has done extensive research on heavy metal toxins in food and supplements and can tell you EXACTLY where to look to filter them out of your family's intake for good.


Check out the Natural News Forensic Food Lab to see the latest hard work by Mike in the public's interest. All his info is FREE too!!







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