Monday, January 26, 2015

"Funvax?? - Leaked Pentagon & Dept. of Defense video revealed about religious fanatics vaccine!


What's the vaccine for the fundamentalists? Does the US Government force vaccinate people with a strong belief system they don't like? What the heck is happening here:


"Intents, beliefs and desires" a target for vaccines by US Government to regulate behavior - Shall we call the delivery method chem-trails? Religious "fanatics" have been the target of a stealth air vaccine campaign. Who knew? The DOD knew. That's who knew. And just what is a fanatic, someone who loves God too much? What if they abide by all laws, pay taxes and feed the homeless, but they love talking about God all day to everyone?


DOD's "FunVAx" - the religious vaccine for religious fundamentalists


Do you have the VMATT-2 gene? You could be a threat to America! We just need your address so we can spray the area. It's still safe to play in the yard, with the kids, when the planes fly over head and make those pretty white cloudy streaks all across the sky over your neighborhood. Never mind that our psychotic plan to quell the God-freaks is also spraying thousands of other people with a virus we can't control, as long as it gets the VMATT-2 Americans that are crazy about God, well, then it's justified because it's for the greater good, like devastating Iraq to try to stop one God-crazy guy with weapons of mass destruction that didn't have anything to do with 9/11 and who didn't really have WMDs. 


So now chem-trails are basically verified as true - viruses sprayed on the people to keep them weak and "normal."


Reducing the "expression" of a gene - this is YOUR U.S. GOVERNMENT hard at work to serve the people who pay taxes and vote for these psychopaths. This is like Hitler trying to isolate the perfect genes for his ultimate "race." Every American should be outraged right now and demanding explanations from all their Congressmen. You really think they just use it for the "inner-lands of Afghanistan?"


Leaked Pentagon/Dept. of Defense video


DOD's "FunVAx" - the religious vaccine for religious fundamentalists

Watch and listen to the leaked Pentagon/Dept. of Defense video - they admit it all!


Watch this at Natural Health News now:


Read the article and play the video. sounds like Hitler trying to create a "master" race by controlling human gene called VMATT2



Define "religious fanatic" again please, won't you, American Government?! Do you dare to express disgust or displeasure with the actions of YOUR government? Will you get sprayed with a respiratory virus for doing so? Tune into Natural News to find out, because you won't be watching THIS video of your psycho government plan on CNN or Fox, and that's for sure. Would love to see this as the mass media supernova with only commercials for organic food. How great would that be?

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