Thursday, February 19, 2015

Exposed shill - Jon Entine, a writer recently fired from, is leading a double life – the court case is proof of it!

According to Natural News, Jon Entine's wife has pleaded with the courts to protect herself and her daughter from any further violence, court documents show.

Filed with Hamilton County Clerk Gergory Hartmann, Case # DR0500131, Ellen Turner asserted:

“I have filed at 3109.27 Affidavit and have specifically addressed therein the child abuse / neglect / domestic violence physical harm provisions of O.R.C. 3109.04, 3109.051 and 3109.052 as those statutes pertain to both parents and this case.”

According to Case No. DR0500131 filed in the Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County, Ohio, Jon Entine "purchased listening devices" to record his wife's conversations, causing her to fear that she was "under surveillance in my own home."

Entine then disrupted his wife's professional employment opportunities by selling her computer and fax machine without her knowledge, she told the courts in a statement under oath.

Furthermore, Entine began "pursuing romantic relationships from our home," says the Hamilton County court document.. Here's what wife Ellen Turner submitted to the courts:

My husband's actions have created an intolerable atmosphere in our home which continue to escalate. For example, he purchased listening devices so that he could record my conversations. Knowing that I was under surveillance in my own home I could not relax. Jenny could sense my discomfort and tension. Our daughter's nanny quit working for us because she could not tolerate the stressful environment created by my husband.

Rather than allow the nanny to care for Jenny. He acted inappropriately toward her by involving her in our marital troubles. He sold her my computer and a fax machine without my knowledge or consent. This interfered with my employment. Further, my husband has begun pursuing romantic relationships from our home. I do not feel it would be in Jenny's best interest to witness any actions related to her father's dating while her parents are living together. For all of these reasons, it is in Jenny's best interest that we establish a residence separate from my husband. I will provide continuity for Jenny by continuing to send her to the same school. I have obtained professional advice from our daughter's psychologist to prepare her emotionally for this move.

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