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Jon Entine - Bogus writer recently fired by, has ties to biotech industry and even Monsanto

Deceptive writing is the name of his "game" and he plays it for money. Jon Entine has written many a piece on what he thinks is intellectual talk about genetic modification, agriculture, the environment, and that its somehow good for people to eat those genetically modified organisms (pesticide-food). There are several biotech shills that sell the same expensive bag of rocks, telling you GMO is more "durable" food, meaning what? - That we can ship cardboard and cheeze-whiz with more efficiency? That bugs won't eat it, and so farmers and "manufacturers" have more money? It's like arguing over the next chess move, except you're playing checkers. Entine proved to be just another flake, and natural news enthusiasts watched the time-lapse-photography version of this crash and burn story of a rogue journalist wanna-be gone awry. finally had to deal with it. They couldn't just blatantly carry Entine anymore and take the risk of losing mass readership.
On November 16th of 2014, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, covered this story:
" writer and biotech shill Jon Entine exposed as violent instigator who physically attacked wife and traumatized daughter - court documents"

Learn more:

This is more like a character study, because deceptive writing is a major part of propaganda, just as we read about Adolf Hitler. Hitler wrote a book in prison BEFORE WWII, did you know? Yes, it was about anarchy. He sold a few, and then made some poster's about Eugenics, and about the "perfect race" he was trying to create so his book could come true. Except murdering and torturing people brings horrific karma. So does feeding the Jews fluoride water in the concentration camps. Hitler convinced the masses with his propaganda and enforced it all with his pharmaceutical wing of power, IG Farben, which is the Monsanto of today, and well, that pharmaceutical wing is what made his war possible.

Now turn on the television to CNN or Fox and watch the commercials, all targeted at the slave labor world of today, who drink fluoride water and eat GMO daily. It's targeted at the weak, who believe those side effects may not happen to them. Jon Entine writes propaganda about GMO. He's telling you in his "intellectual" method that it's good for you and for the environment. There's a war going on right know, for knowledge and choice. There's a war going on right now for the truth, and the right to know. Say no to GMO. Recognize the trolls and shills that purport heinous talk, and speeches, and who even have fellowships at Universities. These are the biotech "front" men and front-women. "Know your enemy" (like they say in that RATM song).

The infamous shill:
More Back Up Sources 4U:
From June of 2013: 
"Manufactured scientific debate, third-party experts, and Jon Entine"
Is there a such thing as a biotech fuhrer?
For full series of articles before the firing, as posted and covered on Natural, the most in-depth and current events-minded Health News website in the world:

Part I of the series on Entine
Part II of the series on Entine
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Read TruthWiki and stick with the facts:
For a MUCH deeper look at the truth; World War II Sources:
Here's a glimpse of the Hidden History of Medicine over last 100 years:
  • How the modern cancer industry is actually a medical cabal of criminal government, corporate and non-profit groups that have all agreed to suppress cancer cures and make sure cancer keeps worsening.
  • How modern chemotherapy chemicals are derived from the chemical weapon known as "mustard gas" used throughout World Wars I and II.
  • Why 75% of physicians refuse to undergo chemotherapy (but they recommend it to their own patients).
  • Fact: Modern-day blood-thinning drugs are made from a combination of rat poison and pig intestines.
  • Fact: The former chairman of Bayer was found guilty of Nazi war crimes during the Nuremberg trials.
  • FDA-admitted fact: How prescription drugs kill one million Americans every decade.

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