Thursday, March 19, 2015

Got a monkey on your back? Escape the cigarette fix without medications ... here's how


Do you feel trapped? Do you feel captured by nicotine, wicked nicotine? Maybe you're one of the 45 million smokers who live in the USA. Do you smoke a pack a day? Step right up! Do you smoke two packs a day? Step right up! This is the platform, the yellow brick road to the castle of freedom, that rescues thousands of smokers from the plight of 4,000 chemicals in commercial cigarettes. Laced with ammonia, bleach and pesticides, every smoker knows the feeling of being a nervous wreck from cigarette chemicals and needing another cigarette laced with nicotine to temporarily quell that cigarette "hangover" you have from the last smoke. Oh, but HOW will you quit? You have the willpower, but probably not the WAY. You don't want to take those scary medications either. The worse part of taking medications to quit smoking are the side effects. Have you heard? Have you read?

People post all over the internet about how their medications give them horrific, weird, intolerable nightmares that end up making them insomniacs, who don't even enjoy sleeping anymore, and can't go to sleep when they want to most.

They are exhausted mentally, physically and usually spiritually. The 4,000 chemicals break them down, over time, and the nicotine relief period gets shorter and shorter, demanding stronger nicotine, stronger tobacco, longer drags on the cigarette and smoking them more often, to top it off.
Do you wake up coughing? Can you even laugh hard without coughing?
The vicious cycle has smokers trapped, and the pleasure of it all has worn away, chipped away, and deteriorated, into a desperate attempt to just feel normal again. Well, there's a much smarter and easier way than smoking for these years to come. It's all starts with an ex-smoker's sharing of strategies and education about how the chemicals affect your body, a few great behavior modification tips, and the whopping success manual that spells out nutrition. A one-hour video teaches all of these phases of quitting, and even incorporates organic tobacco for the final 14 days of the smoker's "career." 



The final 14 days of YOUR smoking "career" - end cigarettes naturally here!

Try 14AndOut  - -Recommended by doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors and the Health Ranger, Mike Adams: Free preview/trailer to 60 minute course that's sweeping the nation.

      Freedom for you means the sky is the limit!


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