Wednesday, March 18, 2015

U.S. Chemtrails? Forget about it. How about 570 tons of lead dropped on your head in one year!


That's what the EPA says. Over 570 tons of lead fall from the airplanes over US skies each year - don't look up! Especially not with your mouth open. From GMO seeds to GMO spray of pesticide, right on up to the GMO skies, if you live anywhere near an airport or a military base, then wow is what you say, when you look up in the sky and see the chemtrails, and we're talking about the trails that DON'T DISSIPATE for up to an hour or two. Are they making earth hotter or colder, or is it just your neighborhood? Is it your district that's affected, like district 12, maybe? Is this the hunger games? What about spraying sulfur or aluminum aerosols for colder temperatures? I've heard and read that that works. What about controlling regions and ecosystems? What about destroying natural cycles? Can you say Alzheimer's disease is falling from the sky? How much aluminum can your brain take?

How broad does it stretch, this dropping of lead and silver iodide? These biochems making cloud tracks in the sky? It's not just the mosquito truck that's spreading cancer in your neighborhood and over the farms that grow your food. Should you grow ALL your own food indoors? It's a thought. Monsanto wants your seeds. Don't worry, they'll sell you back some new ones at Home Depot and Lowe's, ones that die each year so you got to get new ones. Chemtrails and pesticide seeds - it's force-fed-cancer. What's your "deductible" on that? Still want some Obamacare? He's the one putting all of Monsanto's top executives in positions of power in the FDA, the EPA and USDA. Who's really in charge of the chemtrails?


Is this how GMO will take over, spraying this junk over organic farms to ruin the only food left on the planet that has nutrients and value to the human body? Did you know that companies right now offer to CHANGE THE WEATHER FOR WEDDING DAYS? It's true. They guarantee sunshine or your money back!


A cloud seeding service is currently being offered for destination weddings in France. The company plans to expand its weather manipulation efforts into the UK. The cloud bursting procedure uses silver iodide to seed clouds a day before the wedding or important event.

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