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Dr Oz show blows lid off the "RoundUp" and Glyphosate controversy - has scientists talk about the proof that it causes cancer!

Did you know the Environmental Working Group ran tests on Roundup and Doctor Oz is talking about GMO corn and GMO soy causing cancer in the US? Monsanto, the largest producer of genetically engineered seeds on the planet is fuming! We are watching Monsanto grow nearly all US corn and soy with a carcinogenic weed killer that's proven unsafe. GMO grows unregulated in the United States. Dr. Oz is exposing this. Pay close attention when someone screams out the truth on national television, especially on one of the most popular talk shows ever. Remember, their sponsors, nearly every million dollar, sixty-second commercial shows Big Pharma dangerous drugs and Big Food dangerous food as the "product" or "service." Dr. Oz already had the HealthRanger, Mike Adams, on the show to blow the lid off of heavy metal toxins in foods like rice, rice protein, protein powders and some cacao (chocolate) powders too. This was huge. Now Oz is exposing RoundUp, the largest selling weed killer on planet earth, as a cancer-causing carcinogen and this show is going viral all over the health world on line too.


Are you using it in your garden or around your home??? Stop! Get the IARC REPORT and beware of Roundup herbicide (pesticide) in your food. Seventeen experts from eleven countries analyzed 30 years of research ...


World Health Organization: "Roundup might cause cancer"

International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC


Know the history of GMO. No United States regulatory agency is exempt of guilt for approving this stuff without safety testing by scientists other than the manufacturers. GMO has been DEREGULATED FOR MONEY and the tradeoff is cancer for men, women and babies alike. Corn and soy are in almost every product at the grocery store, restaurant and especially fast food options. This nightmare is being exposed on mainstream television. Know the history. Know what you're eating. The USDA deregulated RoundUp ready soybeans, corn and then alfalfa. Alfalfa is animal feed, if you didn't know, so humans are eating cancerous meat and milk from animals that have cancer and ate cancerous vegetables their whole, short miserable lives, not to mention hormones and antibiotics. It's no wonder one in two US men get cancer and one in three women. Babies are dying of cancer in America faster than ever before. Other countries around the world ban Glyphosate and the US doesn't even test to see if it's dangerous, at all. Zero safety precautions except believing the tests that the manufacturers run themselves. This means relying on huge corporations like Monsanto to test their own weed killer for human consumption safety. It's simply not happening. Then, the company simply declares there is a SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS on safety about their product, they have a few shills type some scientific, health and environment blogs and maybe their own handy-dandy safety reminder booklet and company mission statement, just in case anyone asks them about glyphosate, like if the EPA or the FDA come snooping. Or some pesky reporter from a natural health website. Dr. Oz has addressed some major topics lately though, right in the face of NETWORK TV and BIG PHARMA ADVERTISING. Oz had the courage to have a segment of his show dedicated to the REAL SCIENCE being done to prove companies like Monsanto are bio-engineering cancer food and hundreds of thousands of moms, dads and kids are dying from eating it, everyday, sometimes every meal.

Ask for a warning label! on GMO in America. This is crucial. The majority of our food supply is genetically engineered to be weed-killer tolerant. We need to head off escalating rates of disease.


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Dr Oz Show - April 7th, 2015

Topic: Monsanto's "Roundup"

World Health Organization cancer experts study 30 years of research

Cancer researchers top scientists report "glyphosates probably cause cancer"

"Highest level of concern"

"Could have major implications for home gardeners too."


Ask for organic food. Ask for a warning label! on GMO in America. This is crucial. Don't let history repeat itself. "Our grandparents remember when the Tobacco Industry was claiming that their products were safe ... "


Watch Dr. Oz show expose GLYPHOSATE a.k.a. "RoundUp" as cancer causing:


World Health Organization: "Roundup might cause cancer"

International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC


Ask yourself, says Dr. Oz, "Are the risks worth it?" Seventeen experts from eleven countries analyzed 30 years of research and concluded that glyphosate "probably" causes cancer. That's twenty years of heavy herbicide use for US soy being put to the ultimate test, and guess what. America is eating cancer. The EPA says it's not really a problem. The fact that weed-killer has EXPLODED IN USE and cancer rates are horrendous in the United States - - common sense alone tells you something is awfully wrong with the staple food supply. All regulators across the globe look to the WHO (World Health Organization) to ultimately tell them what causes cancer and what doesn't.


Doctor Oz couldn't get anyone from Monsanto or GMA (Grocery Manufacturers of America) to appear on his show to discuss Roundup, even though the entire Monsanto corporation says it's safe and GMA pays millions to keep GMO unlabeled in US states. That just goes to show right there! Here was their chance to refute the science they claim is on their side. Isn't "Biotech" and "Science of Food" one in the same? Aren't vaccines safe? Isn't Tobacco Safe? But doctors told us so for years! Medical Doctors recommended their favorite brands, during Thanksgiving Dinner to aid in digestion!! Remember Camels? Oh yeah. If GMO corn and soy existed then, the 20,000 plus doctors who said they recommend cigarettes for health would have been eating some GM corn on the cob with their soy sandwich from McKee Dee's and the GMBurgerKing while they inject mercury and aluminum into their muscle tissue to build immunity. They would RECOMMEND extra MMR-2 vaccines for autistic children to take because autism is special and genetic, right?


Watch Dr. Oz show expose GLYPHOSATE a.k.a. "RoundUp" as cancer causing:


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