Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stop Smoking King challenges Big Tobacco to drink one ounce of pesticide and French Filmmaker challenges biotech PR clown to the same

In a sixty minute video that teaches smokers how to quit cigarettes without using medication, a patch or hypnosis, the inventor/teacher challenges anyone, especially the manufacturers of commercial cigarettes, to drink an ounce of pesticide (RoundUp - the most popular herbicide used on Earth). Knowing nobody will take him up on the offer, including the smokers in his classroom, the "Stop Smoking King" continues and explains that if you did take him up on the dare, to drink one ounce of either the pesticide, ammonia, or bleach, that you would have to be rushed to the hospital and have your stomach pumped, if that could even save you from death. But as a smoker, he explains, you smoke that every puff of every cigarette.

14&Out is Chemical Knowledge to Stop Smoking Naturally, Part I, on YouTube:   

The Stop Smoking King is touted by Natural News as the most sensible, comprehensive way to quit cigarettes, and the streaming video features a nutritional guide put together from the advice of two of the best nutritionists on planet earth - David Wolfe, best-selling author and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and lead scientist at Natural News Forensic Food Lab.

Stop Smoking King challenges Big Tobacco to drink what they put in cigarettes, because they won't. If you smoke now, you can learn how to stop consuming what the industry won't dare put in their mouths. Learn how and share this story with friends who smoke. Get the Natural News Connection and Challenge Big Tobacco to a dual. You can win by quitting smoking, naturally in 14 days or less. Check out the resources below:


Natural Health News also has coverage of the two-faced, hypocritical Biotech "representatives" who lie through their teeth and don't practice what they preach:

"Biotechnology frontman Patrick Moore recently made a fool of himself during an interview with French documentary filmmaker Paul Moreira after he claimed that drinking an entire quart of Monsanto's glyphosate is completely safe -- but then refused to actually do it."

Learn more:

RoundUp, FYI, is made up in large portion of glyphosate:

"Monsanto's infamous Roundup contains the hotly debated compound called glyphosate. This merciless herbicide is also found in 750 or more U.S. products. An herbicide like this infiltrates the landscape and accumulates in mammals, especially bone, hindering cellular detoxification along the way. A destroyer, glyphosate annihilates a plant's building blocks of life, tearing apart amino acids. By disrupting the "shikimate pathway" in plants and microorganisms, glyphosate creeps inside leaves and stalk, raping natural life processes. Glyphosate also destroys the beneficial microorganism in the human gut, destroying the human immune system."

Learn more:

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