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Glyphosate - Destroyer of Cancer's Hit Men

Your cells must expel waste, just as your digestive tract does. Period. Hundreds of scientific studies have been synthesized over the past couple years and the results are in: Glyphosate, the major component of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, inhibit cytochrome enzymes in the body used for detoxification, thus helping diseases develop in the human body, like diabetes, Alzheimer's and a disease many people refer to as a disorder - obesity.

Monsanto's sharpshooter "glyphosate" kills what kills cancer in the body
Put it this way, if you don't go to the bathroom for a week, you could die. If your cells can't rid themselves of waste because some toxic herbicide is killing the main "mission" and gene pathway responsible for excavating cell "trash" - then guess what happens? Lymph nodes are supposed to trap cancer cells and expel them using the lymph fluid, but enter glyphosate, the hit man who destroys your cells cancer "hit men" - the ones that convert androgen to estrogen, and the ones that filter foreign chemicals like drugs, carcinogens and of course, pesticides. How ironic this is the most popular herbicide in the world - Roundup, that contains so much glyphosate it's like Monsanto's true goal was to use a "sharpshooter" pesticide to kill cancer's nemesis "hitmen" - the human CYP enzymes. Roundup goes in and impairs the cytochrome (P450) gene pathway, that creates the enzymes. You see, glyphosate suffocates the enzyme "supply line" and blocks it, from production and from delivery. Glyphosate keeps your lymph fluid from capturing and draining out the pathogens, breaking down molecules in cells, and excavating the carcinogens too. This, in turn, enables waste to build up and pathogens to grow wild. The lymph fluid can't drain out the poison. The enzymes just aren't there to do their job. It's like not being able to urinate after your kidneys and liver have done their job to filter as much pesticide as possible, but now it doesn't matter, because cell "trash" and the cancer cells can't be drained out of the body. Imagine if you didn't take out the trash from your home, including spoiled food, for a month or two. Inside your body, this is total cell pollution, and hundreds of studies and the synthesized research of those studies is screaming that glyphosate needs to be banned and then removed from our world's food supply, water and soil.

Glyphosate also impairs the  enzymes aromatase and hydroxylase, that create your stress hormones and regulate blood pressure, respectively. This has rippling effects throughout the body, including the reduction of the amino acid tryptophan, that you need for normal serotonin transmissions. Mystery solved regarding that weight gain and depression! Now you see why the organic health movement is so adamant about exposing GMO and conventionally "sprayed" crops that contain glyphosate inside and out, like the soy, corn, and even the wheat. Extra glyphosate is now sprayed on crops before the go into the silos, for extra profit.

The FDA, the USDA and the EPA rely on Monsanto to do their own safety studies on glyphosate. This is how poison is regulated in the USA that is put in food and on food. The criminals, who have already settled in court for millions for health detriment, are the ones who submit to the government that their products are safe. How stupid is that? That's like letting mass murderers decide if they are on good behavior in prison and are worth of early parole or just to be set free in the wild. Then, these same food "criminals" denounce every independent safety study as "bogus" or "bad science" and the health terror goes on. Glyphosate, destroyer of cancer's hit men, goes on sniping the good guys, blocking "America's" ability to "take out the trash" and "the waste."

Glyphosate fosters a slow deconstruction of the cellular system

The data is in. Don't let corrupt companies, corporations and industries police themselves. Police them yourself. Never buy anything GMO. Do not support the cancer business. Biotech is a dirty word, my friends. Biotech means the dumping of heavy metal toxins, carcinogens, plastics and pesticides on our staple food. Sinister glyphosate is inhibiting the human body from detoxifying its own cells. Roundup is one of the most dangerous chemical concoctions on planet earth and it's the top selling herbicide. It destroys human enzymes, the biological molecules (proteins) that act as catalysts to help complex reactions occur throughout the body, including breaking down peptide bonds between amino acids. Check your corn, soy, wheat and sugar at the door. They could be leading to a slow deconstruction of your cellular system. An accumulation of glyphosate, meaning consumption of these foods regularly, catapults the damaging effects of OTHER environmental toxins that find their way into the human body. Once these toxins build up in the gut and lymph fluid, they pass through the blood/brain barrier and damage neurological function - hence - autism spectrum disorder, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Stephanie Seneff, PhD, lead author and research scientist at MIT:

"A review of the scientific literature of the toxic effects of glyphosate, one of the most popular weed killers in the U.S. and the active ingredient in Roundup, links the herbicide to a wide range of diseases and suggests that more research is needed. The review, conducted by a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), looks at the mechanisms through which the adverse effects may be happening and points to the chemical’s inhibition of cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes, which plays the crucial role of detoxifying xenobiotics. Thus, glyphosate can enhance the negative effects of other environmental toxicants on the body. Authors argue that this has been a critically overlooked component in research on glyphosates’ toxicity to mammals. We “have hit upon something very important that needs to be taken seriously and further investigated.”

Monsanto Lies Repeatedly about Glyphosate "Safety"
Monsanto claims that the mechanism glyphosate destroys in plants is not touched in humans, because the pathway "is not present" in humans, but that's not true. The shikimate pathway, is present in human gut bacteria, where humans need to synthesize vitamins, detoxify carcinogens and build immunity. Glyphosate restricts gut bacteria from absorbing nutrients, thus killing vitamins. The "hit men" wear many masks!

Glyphosate depletes sulfate supplies in the gut also. Ever heard of inflammatory bowel disease? MDs are not allowed to point out dangers of glyphosate or they can lose their license - didn't you see the vicious attack waged against Dr. Oz's character and stature with Columbia Medical when he exposed dangers of glyphosate on one of his shows?

That's why MDs just scribble out prescriptions for drugs that weren't even designed to help IBS, or crohn's, or the like, because they know nothing about nutrition or the chemicals in foods that cripple nutrition, detoxification and the function of crucial enzymes, that trap foreign "agents" and "cancers" and expel them. These MDs of the Western Medicine cult couldn't help you if they did know. It's just not a part of their repertoire.

The Western Medicine Cult of Quack Science - From mercury fillings to glyphosate and fluoride promotion

The Western Medicine Cult of Quack Science rages on! When will the masses figure out they've been brainwashed, poisoned and re-poisoned by Big Food and Big Medicine? Will they figure it out on their death beds, or when first diagnosed with cancer? Will they forget who they are and who their relatives are before they are able to read Natural News and reliable independent research synthesis, and understand that the glyphosate manufacturers are trying to kill them slowly for mass profit?

The Industrial Food and Medicine Complex of the USA has people convinced that conventional food is "okay" and that chemical medicine is the only way to help their weak, genetically-meek bodies survive more than a few years into life. They think you have to inject bacteria, viruses and mercury to build immunity to germs, pathogens and infectious disease. They think you can eat hormones and pesticides and your liver will do all the work and save you from certain early death. They think plants and animals are affected differently by toxic pesticides, but everything is dying that "eats" them. The mass public opinion in America is that the government cares about people's health and well-being, and their safety, but nothing is further from the truth.

The US government is in business to make a fortune at everyone's expense, no matter what it takes. The US government, yes the elected officials we're talking about now, are allowed to invest in companies that profit from war, profit from MORE cancer victims, and profit from chemical pharma concoctions that are never proven safe, effective or even non-toxic. The politicians make their fortunes from the public's health demise and ignorance about the truth - that glyphosate keeps you from beating cancer. And that vaccines help people SPREAD infectious disease and cripple immunity and the central nervous system in babies around the world.

As more and more glyphosate is consumed, as recommended by the FDA and the EPA, and more and more vaccines and flu shots are added to the "vaccine schedule" as recommended by the CDC, more alterations are taking place in human chemistry, causing people to gain weight, lose their IQ, become nutrient deficient and succumb to the pathogens and free radicals that become another cancer statistic.

We are in need of a mass awakening, and it just may be on its way!

Glyphosate may just be the most biologically disruptive chemical in our environment today. Running a close second and third would be sodium fluoride (put in tap water and on conventional crops) and bleach (used for white bread, white flour, white pasta, some white rice, white sugar, etc). Of course, your city doesn't want you fussing about the tap water, and your congressman doesn't want you fussing about his/her investment in Monsanto, so maybe that's not the "best path" of resistance, or a reliable one at that, but it never hurts to try. The true key to changing the world is through empowerment and education.

You should correlate in your brain (and that of your children) GMO with a skull and cross bones. Much Roundup is infused into the seeds of crops (genetically modified) and this, combined with being sprayed on crops continuously, even right before harvest, is the arch enemy of health and sustainability. Learn the best ways to filter these toxins from your intake and eat raw organic food as often as possible. Support your local farmers and grow your own organic food if you can. Stop using Roundup if you have any now.

Tell Congress to label GMO! Here's how:



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