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Chemotherapy - One of the worst ways to die: Making the LYMPHOMA - GLYPHOSATE connection

Nobody WANTS to hear it, but it's true. The CDC won't document it properly*. They just tell the doctors to tell you after they "zap" your "current" cancer with chemo and radiation that you've got a "clean bill of health" and they send you on your merry way, to continue doing what you did to ACQUIRE CANCER in the first place, and while the chemo has killed your good cells and crippled your immune system, your acidic and chaotic body is suffering silently, only to later likely return to the very restaurants, grocers, MDs and then of course - - the hospitals that gave you the chemo (death sentence) to begin with.

*"How often when someone "loses his or her heroic battle against cancer" does anyone mention that the chemo or radiation probably killed that person? The medical establishment usually chalks up those deaths to cancer."

First of all, chemotherapy starves the body of nutrients and oxygen. By turning the body acidic and killing good bacteria in the gut, chemotherapy is actually the WORST THING any cancer victim could ever do to themselves. Even when it gets rid of one cancerous area, it breed new cancers all throughout the body. Cancer is no longer localized. You see? Now your whole system is out of whack. You can't think. You feel nauseous most of the day. You have no appetite. You have no energy. Yet, somehow, Western Medicine has conned millions of Americans into believing chemo is a viable option for trying to rid cancer cells. How ridiculous. People are so afraid of cancer they will do anything their government tells them is their "best option" for treatment, and the government tells the medical schools, and the Big Pharma lobbyists tell congress, and all the big wigs get rich while the peons die of cancer. It's a simple formula and tens of millions of Americans have died thanks to chemotherapy.

Whether it's the year given, the next year, or two years later, most people don't survive for too much longer because they have NO IMMUNE SYSTEM left, so when new cancer arrives, or even the flu or some superbug throwing-up virus, it could easily turn into pneumonia or bronchitis and kill that person. The acidic body has no more enzymes, probiotics, antibodies, gut flora, minerals, etc. and it's running on empty, trying to fight off the pathogens, bacteria and mutated cells that the chemotherapy invited in and brewed in the blood. Bone cancer, by the way, comes from too much fluoridated water, GMO food, bleached food, and you will never read about that in a peer reviewed journal.

Chemotherapy Causes New Cancers - Stronger Cancers

When does cancer start, you might ask. This could help define when chemotherapy begins doing more harm than good, meaning cancer cells actually feed off the toxins and the body starts becoming MORE susceptible to cancer, and more so than before the chemo started. This is worthy of much consideration.

Pesticides are fuel for cancer, so you might say that cancer starts when humans consume pesticides. Now, that doesn't mean that the cancer that starts is enough to overwhelm that human, and take over an organ or the brain, or cripple your immunity, but it may mean that it's just waiting to be fed more chemicals, so it can become smarter, multiply and gain strength. Also realize that tumors are the body's way of containing cancer cells, in hopes of reversing and defeating the tumor, shrinking it eventually so the human can survive. However, if doctors go in and put the patient under the knife, then use radiation to kill any "marginal" area cancers, as they always explain it, and then prescribe chemotherapy medicines, that cancer is likely to spread, and once it reaches the lymph nodes, it catapults throughout the body. This is how chemotherapy "STARTS" cancer. Chemotherapy starts new cancers you don't even have yet, but these cancers are usually much STRONGER than the one you were fighting off before. These chemo cancers are feeding off the most potent fuel they could ever get and that is toxic, acidic, chemotherapy. It's like throwing gasoline on the fire, only with chemo it takes a couple years to "burn down the countryside."

Glyphosate, GMO and the Leukemia Connection - It's Lymphatic!

Consider first the Leukemia definition: a malignant progressive disease in which bone marrow and other blood-forming organs produce increased numbers of abnormal leukocytes, suppressing production of normal blood cells, usually involving the white blood cells, leukemia often infects the lymphatic system.

Glyphosate, on the other hand, has a mechanism of preferred HARM and that is destroying your good gut bacteria, because therein lies the microbes that have the pathway used by glyphosate to kill weeds. Glyphosate causes extreme disruption of microbes' lifecycles and functions, screwing up beneficial bacteria and thus giving free reign to pathogens which overgrow. This is how autism has been linked to glyphosate exposure, by revealing gut dysbiosis and disrupted sulfur metabolism. Also revealed in studies has been impaired sulfate transport.


"Leukocyte Esterase" is an enzyme present in your white blood cells, and white blood cells in the urine may indicate inflammation of the kidneys or urinary tract due to bacterial infection. Stay with me here. People think of lymphoma as a rare (and minor) cancer, but it's just the opposite. New cases of lymphoma represent ONE THIRD of the lung and breast cancer numbers worldwide. Lymphoma cases are increasing so quickly it is expected to become the second largest cancer within ten years. That's the year 2025. Take a big guess what causes lymphoma? Chemical pollutants from pesticides to formaldehyde. Guess what's in Roundup and Vaccines? Guess what's in GMO food and your latest flu shot? What's worse is that LYMPHOMA is not a single cancer but a group of about three dozen different cancers. Lymphatic cancer is just a term given to that group, the way "Autism Spectrum Disorder" refers to all kinds of disorders of the central nervous system, the brain and the immune system. Are you starting to put this all together like I just did? You see, your white immune cells, called lymphocytes, become cancerous. They become abnormal and "malignant" - which means toxic to your own body. Your own DNA, in one lifetime, is changing for the worse, and the doctors want to give you chemotherapy, which will warp all the good cells that are left, permanently, including the ones in your brain, lungs, and breasts and colon. And which cancers top the list in America, home of unlabeled GMO and the country where nobody reads the vaccine insert to see what chemicals they're getting injected into their muscle tissue.


So don't be fooled when you hear terms like non-Hodgkin lymphoma or Hodgkin lymphoma, because they all represent the same thing: An end result of human consumption of poisonous chemical pesticides in food, drinking water (fluoride) and vaccine toxins that disrupt the central nervous system, destroy gut flora and mutate healthy DNA. As long as people keep eating GMO and injecting MMR vax, swine and flu shots regularly, then those people's lymphatic system (part of the immune system) will lack the proper nutrients and will not carry any in the series of vessels and glands that spread throughout the body. That same lymph system will be void of its crucial infection-fighting white blood cells. Bone marrow will suffer. The cancer "scientists" who make GM food know this. So do most oncologists, unfortunately, they can't tell you. When those lymphocytes start to multiply abnormally, you become highly vulnerable to infection.  And there's the "missing rung." There's the big connection with glyphosate. There's your missing link. Mystery solved.

Beau Biden, Son of VP Joe Biden, Dies from Chemotherapy Toxicity - Most Likely

Mike Adams the Health Ranger writes this about Beau Biden's death:

 "Frustratingly, I believe that Beau Biden, like hundreds of thousands of other Americans each year, was killed by a combination of chemotherapy, radiation and glyphosate. "He was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2013 and underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy," reports Reuters. "After getting a 'a clean bill of health' in November of that year, his cancer recurred in the spring of 2015, the vice president's office said."

"Conventional medicine will never cure cancer. Simply put, by offering toxic chemotherapy agents and cancer-causing radiation, Western medicine never looks at the true cause of disease."

Chemotherapy causes permanent brain damage

Chemotherapy is not a sensible solution or viable option for curing cancer. The suffering people go through from chemo is absolutely ridiculous and NO MEDICINE on earth should be legal that has a side effect of more cancer and/or death. There are sensible ways to stay healthy and not take chances with your immunity, your vital cleansing organs and your life. Why wipe out your immunity in order to "kill the bad guys" - it just doesn't make sense. That's saying it's ok to lose the war if you just win this battle. Not cool! The war is ON for good health, and we "fight it" every day by eating smart, eating clean, reading about natural health news and enjoying every moment. I'm in this for the short term AND the long term. It's all about present and future combined. Longevity!

What to do to prevent and cure cancer? Here's a beginning: Did you know curcumin causes colon cancer cells to self-destruct? It's true. First order of business: Eliminate nutritional deficiencies. That's your number one task at natural cancer prevention. You can do this. Discover the best ways to kill cancer cells naturally. Check out some amazing herbal cures from around the world and never look back.


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