Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Alert! Dow Agroscience field testing new gluten-free wheat - - STILL GMO and contains synthetic pesticides!


Let's all celebrate–wheat that contains chemical bug-killer and chemical weed-killer no longer contains gluten! Now everyone can stop worrying because the synthetic pesticide and genetically modified organisms will only stay in our bodies for 24 hours instead of the whole week. How stupid do they think we are? Still, people who don't know about GMO and are told to "get off gluten" will probably go for the new gluten-free pesticide-laden wheat, thinking they're in the clear.


Yes, Dow Agrosciences is riding the bandwagon slogan that wheat is one of the most important grains worldwide, and the other bandwagon that people with celiac disease need to avoid gluten–well they need to avoid eating chemical pesticide also.


The solution is not just gluten-free, but chemical-free living. "Clean eating" in other words, is the cure for digestive issues, not deleting or silencing the genes of plants using RNA interference (RNAi). Since anything GMO is fast-track approved in the USA, there shouldn't be any issues getting approval for commercialization as long as politicians and regulatory heads get their pockets lined with fat stacks of biotech cash. Just call it scientific agriculture and pest control and the masses will buy in.


Biotech shills promoting cancer-causing GMO


Check your bread, waffles, cookies, pastries and pasta for the new GMO gluten-free pesticide laden wheat mutation as part of your "balanced diet." Field trials are underway. By the way, cancer is a disorder of the cells, not a disease. It breeds and multiplies from chemical exposure on a daily basis. Are you allergic to chemical bug-killer and chemical weed-killer. The odds are that you are. 




Here's the sources (from the bad guys who make this Frankenfood) in case you want to fact check for yourself.



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