Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pesticide is being created in your gut!! Are you aware of it?

According to Natural News, on Monsanto's website, this multinational seed conglomerate makes the claim that Bt toxin engineered into its genetically modified (GM) corn and cotton crops is "naturally occurring" and poses no threat to "humans, other mammals, birds, fish or beneficial insects." But a closer look at the science reveals that Bt toxin can survive and replicate in the human gut following ingestion, which begs the question: Should Monsanto and other purveyors of GM crops bearing this transgenic trait be held responsible for potential health damage caused by this patented pesticide?

Contrary to industry claims, horizontal gene transfer and DNA absorption of GM crops bearing the artificially engineered Bt trait can and does occur. A 2013 paper published in the online journal PLOS ONE looked at this more in-depth, revealing that DNA molecules from various substances can survive processing and end up being absorbed into the bloodstream. This includes the controversial Bt trait, which was designed to be self-replicating for the purpose of bursting the intestines of pests, thus killing them.

"Blood is not free of DNA," the paper explains. "[T]here are animal studies, mainly focusing on the GMO issue, supporting the idea that small fragments of nucleic acids may pass to the bloodstream and even get into various tissues. For example, foreign DNA fragments were detected by PCR based techniques in the digestive tract and leukocytes of rainbow trouts fed by genetically modified soybean, and other studies report similar results in goats, pigs, and mice."

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Modern "food" science, processed food and the chemical medicine industry all thrive on one theory: If something doesn't make you sick or kill you within 24 hours, then it's "safe."

This is simply not true. If you eat some fast food and get deathly sick 48 hours later, from food poisoning, E. coli, Salmonella or artificial hormone overload, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sue a company, corporation or even government entity that is responsible for controlling, manufacturing or regulating the safety of its production. The direct correlation between food-borne and chemical-medicine-borne disease and disorder seems to only boil down to whether or not your insurance covers the catastrophe.


Now, with vaccine manufacturers having their own court of law, with their own judges, it's almost impossible to sue for vaccine injury and win. With Monsanto having the biggest wallet in the world for paying attorneys to bury you in court, most farmers whose organic farms get contaminated with GMOs, or who become deathly sick from spreading Roundup around or walking through their infected CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations), can do little to NOTHING to get redemption, compensation or even their lives and farms back to normal.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about how GMO Bt corn creates pesticide in the human gut, one can easily log onto:

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