Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Preventable Disease Epidemic

Statistical software is used to compute whether or not a bank should give you a home loan. Algorithms are run to determine your "worth" and ability to make good and "perform" on the loan, which is really exponentially working against you to make you pay back about three times the amount you borrow–a huge price to pay for being "lazy" and not making the money before you "spent it." Yet no formula is necessary to figure out that if you put processed food and genetically modified food and chemical-laden food and fluoridated water in your mouth every meal of every day, you will experience "compounded interest" in the form of weight, clogged arteries, dysfunctional organs, brain fog, mutating cells and the most debilitating conditions AND expensive medical treatments known to this planet, including unnecessary pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, allergies, disorders, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Will you "catch" PDE or do you already have it?


Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes...


Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, arthritis, osteoporosis, bone loss and brain fog ... it's ALL preventable, but still, every single MD in America will convince you that the majority of your health problems are genetic and inherited, and that is like running really bad software that approves lousy bank loans to borrowers that will surely default, because they are paying "exponential interest" on their health as they take the prescribed chemical pharmaceuticals and continue devouring chemical-laden foods, drinks, and being injected with toxic, carcinogenic vaccines and flu shots. There are "zombies" right now walking around in America who are at least 50 to 100 pounds overweight, if not 200, who need insulin, 5 to 10 prescription medications, aspirin, antacids, cough syrup, and probably cigarettes just to "get by" each and every day.


Statistics for Preventable Diseases Worldwide:  


Estimated number of NEW cases of CANCER worldwide this year: 14 million (30-year survival rate is less than 50%).


Estimated number of DEATHS caused by DIABETES worldwide this year: 1.5 million.


Estimated number of cases of some form of OSTEO-ARTHRITIS in United States currently for 2015: Over 50 million.


Number of people walking around with BRAIN FOG from toxic food, toxic water and toxic medicine right now in America: Approximately 200 million (roughly two-thirds of all people in US).


Artificial Sweeteners, Bleach, Fluoride and Monosodium Glutamate - "compounding interest" that deteriorates daily health


What on Earth could stop all of these food and medicine "villains" from invading the livelihood of two hundred million people? Are their epidemics contagious in the sense that lifestyle "rubs" of on those around you? Are all of these debilitating conditions an epidemic because they take 20 to 30 years to "set in" and really compound lifelong health problems, or because more and more people are exponentially getting sick from the toxic food and the toxic medicine?


Consider that corporate websites, evil journalists, and sellout scientists are collaborating to sell you bad health advice


GMOAnswers.com is a front for Monsanto's disinformation and propaganda regarding genetically modified organisms being inserted into your food. To know more about this vicious trick to "lend" you bad health at "compounding interest rates" - visit the TruthWiki definition of GMOAnswers.com right here.


Jon Entine, former writer at Forbes.com, is the #1 "Poster Boy" sellout journalist for GMO and Monsanto. He is a pseudo-journalist who attacks clean food activists and tries to popularize GMO "Frankenfood." Entine, the cancer-causing food huckster, works very hard to convince you that chemicals are good for you and can feed the starving world forever. To know more about his vicious tricks to sell you bad health, visit the TruthWiki definition of Jon Entine right here.


Poul Thorsen, a Danish psychologist, fraudulently omitted data in a vaccine–autism link study to cover-up the truth about how deadly mercury in vaccines leads to the ASD (autism spectrum disorder) epidemic that's sweeping America right now and debilitating one in every 68 young boys. That was called the "Danish Study." Thorsen also embezzled millions of dollars by hoodwinking universities and creating phony grants that he basically funneled into his own personal bank accounts. The CDC knows this and still cites his study as a credible source and in order to discredit the HUGE link between injecting one of the worlds most deadly neurotoxins and babies getting central nervous system and brain disorders that can last a lifetime. To know more about a psychiatrist who poses as a scientist and lies about vaccine research, visit the TruthWiki definition of the nefarious Poul Thorsen right here.


You have the cure for PDE - Preventable Disease Epidemic


That's why they call it preventable, you know? You don't need some quack MD to tell you how to cover up your symptoms of PDE either! The next bite of food you eat, the next sip of drink you drink, the next "medicine" you put in your mouth or on your skin will be from this earth, uncompromised by "science" and "biotechnology"–and that which does not contain pesticide organisms from a foreign substance or a chemical insecticide that the United States imports from industrial-polluted China, namely sodium fluoride, which is the "fluoride" put in most municipal tap water of the lower 48 states.  


That's why they call it preventable, because you take the first, next and all steps to NOT consume toxins, whether by mouth, skin, or medicine. Look into organic food, holistic medicine, and herbal remedies of indigenous cultures from around the world that have worked for humans for millennium. There is a cure and prevention plan for "PDE." Just ask your naturopath. You have complete control as a consumer. Take it.














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