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How to Get Your Spouse, Boyfriend or Girlfriend to Quit Smoking by New Year's

How do you get your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend to stop smoking? You don't. You can't. They have to decide and do it for themselves. So then, is talking about it a complete waste of time? Absolutely NOT. At least 95% of people who try to quit smoking without some kind of help will go back to smoking within six months. That's a statistical fact, but relatives, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends–they all have their guards up already for advice coming from those close to them, and some have even set rules and barriers up so you can't even talk about their habit, what you hate about it, and much less how they can or should quit. So what to do?


Step One: Do the research for them, but don't push it on them or preach it to them. They won't listen. Simply find a holistic, natural method* that doesn't involve dangerous medications, gimmicks, or nicotine, and simply mention that you read something "interesting" and just suggest that they read it, without saying you want them to quit or need them to quit or that they will quit if they do it. Don't say anything except that you found something interesting and ask them to do you a small favor and read it. That's all. Then send them this link or click on it and then save it to your favorites list on your internet device. First, though, read steps two, three and four before you show them. Here's the link:



Step Two: Mention to your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend some form of light exercise that you can do together almost daily, or even, if you don't want to do it together, mention something they used to do that they liked, and maybe even go shopping for some gear, clothing or any accessory (I love my ipod shuffle), including music, that will help inspire them to get more active as they quit smoking. Make sure to wait to mention this until after they check out the link you share with them and they talk about it. Maybe even offer to buy the accessory they want or need if it's not too expensive for you to gift it to them.


Step Three: Practice what you "preach." Since they're going to do something to change their lifestyle for the healthier, you also must choose to give up something that's not good for YOU, or buy something inexpensive that helps you improve your health. Make some kind of commitment, in front of them, whether small or big, so they feel that you are "in this with them" and not just telling or even "showing" them what to do or how to do it. Remember, they have barriers they've set up for everyone around them, and it's important that they make the decision to quit smoking and they make the decision about the tools and/or accessories that help them accomplish that long-term task and life-extending health choice.


Step Four: Never let them second guess that what they're doing isn't the right thing to do. Other people who are jealous of them escaping their habit may criticize them, and say stupid things to them like, you've tried to quit before and it didn't work, or one more cigarette isn't going to change anything, or that method is a gimmick, or "I quit cold turkey" and you don't need any help, or anything along those lines. Be the ONE person who reassures them at that critical moment that nobody is going to ruin their decision and commitment to a new awesome, healthy lifestyle they'll surely love.


Hey, quitting smoking is not easy, but it doesn't have to be a cranky nightmare filled with medications, detox programs, expensive costs, recurring costs, horrible mood swings, sleepless nights or cravings they can't resist. No, quitting smoking can be easy if they are in tune with their bodies and are practicing behavior modification and nutritional strategies proven to work and recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and the Health Ranger himself, Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News.


Here's more on the program you can "suggest" as "interesting" and then never look back again. Help your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend quit smoking without even telling them that you are going to help them. Hey, it's true, you just found something "interesting" on line you think they should read!

You know what they say ...

Where there is a will, there is a way!

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