Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The final escape has already begun - And you didn't even realize it!


Get this straight in your head right now. You're not trapped. In fact, you've already begun your grand final "escape" from cigarettes, because you are reading this. You will now deviate from what is "expected" of you as a smoker. You will quit smoking for life.


There's an old fable about a fly that gets trapped in a window and can't get out to find food. It tried every crevice of that window over and over, but there was no way to get outside. It died an early death in that window, looking at the sun light, and food, that was right outside.


Unfortunately, for the fly, another window in the house was wide open, but it failed to ever leave the room it was trapped in, to venture to check and see.


In that same light, human beings are "stuck in their windows" - eating the same food that comes from the same dirt, that's polluted with pesticides like herbicide and insecticide. think about it. The year is 2015, almost 2016, and millions of people are eating dead food that comes from dead dirt, and their early death will likely come from a lack of nutrition and an overload of pesticide, rather than from some communicable sickness or infectious disease. They will die of "natural causes," but they will have no clue what those causes are. No Western Medicine doctor will tell them and they will simply methodically die in their "window," just like the fly. This is a short story about Biotech's genetically mutated soil. If you can't handle the truth, stop reading right now. Otherwise, consider this:


What do you think happens to the food that grows in dead soil, void of nutrients? That's right - it's dead too. When do you think that dead soil regains nutrients and where do they come from? This is the plight of the American agricultural holocaust that's occurring right now, and what you don't know, understand and heed will hurt you, in more ways than one. This is the Biotech slaughter of nutrition as pesticides are gene-infused into seeds of corn, soy, alfalfa, beets, papaya and more. What's next, potatoes and tomatoes? - Lettuce and spinach? Does it even matter if the food is dead anyway, or is it worse to put poison on top of poison and eat it? Toxic fertilizer kills the nutrients in soil also. Any food that grows in soil void of nutrients will be just that. This is scientific fact.


Once upon a time, some scientists hired by US politicians created pesticide food to kill the rootworms and the insects consuming US corn and soy. They were paid big money to work in labs and develop edible crops that were resistant to weed killer, the very weed killer (herbicide) that the seeds themselves contain. Humans who consume that pesticide and herbicide were actually creating pesticide in their guts, eliminating the MAIN THING that provides immunity, energy, vitality, and good health - good gut flora.


Essentially, if you eat food from toxic dirt, you are eating the toxic dirt. The final question here isn't whether you will get cancer from eating pesticide, but how soon?


There are several organs of the human body made to filter toxins. The kidneys, the pancreas and the liver work in tandem and you cannot live without them. When they get overwhelmed with carcinogens that suffocate the cells and the free radicals have "free reign," the cancer could settle into those organs, or take hold of the bladder, prostate or colon.


There is still a such thing as organic soil, organic fertilizer, organic herbicide, organic pesticide, or NO pesticide. There is still "food as medicine" just like Hippocrates said, "Let thy food be thy medicine." Good health is not just the absence of disease. Don't "eat" toxic dirt or anything that grows from it.


Go now. Create an environment in your body where disease CANNOT grow! You can do it. Check out the wonderfully RAW world of organic fruits and vegetables and never look back. Here is one of the best collections of natural health sources in the world, at your fingertips right now. Never second-guess your health again.


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