Friday, July 15, 2016

GMOs, forced vaccination and global warming – three population reduction schemes being pushed on the masses for "health" reasons


The slogans for depopulation agendas are always the complete opposite of their true intentions. Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are how we will "save the world" from starvation, drought, blight, and pests. Vaccines are "safe" and "effective" and are most useful when administered to the entire "herd." Global warming is all our fault–the humans–who have polluted the earth so bad we destroyed the ozone layer, trapped all the dangerous gasses, and "raised the overall temperature" of the entire planet, all inside of 100 years.


When in fact, what "we've done" (we being the corporations that create chemicals for agriculture, food, medicine and personal care products) is "we've" poisoned conventional food with bug killer and weed killer–from the inside out, and from the outside in. We've bred dangerous foreign bacteria into the seeds of our crops and their DNA is corrupted with pesticide-making genes, the same genes that mix with human DNA and corrupt and dismantle entire systems, including digestion, cell reproduction and immunity. The corporate slogans are the opposite of what they do. Vaccinations claimed to virtually end infectious disease epidemics and pandemics, all during a time when all of those diseases were all but eliminated by modern plumbing and hygiene in medical establishments. Just check the real graphs and statistics that haven't been modified by the corporations that push toxins. Plus, during the first few weeks after receiving a vaccine, the vaccinated person is contagious–able to spread or "shed" the very virus they were inoculated against, supposedly. And global warming is a very fervently defended science that is pushed onto the masses like some new world religion, even though die hard statistics show Earth is in the beginning of a long-term cooling trend.


Global warming is proposed and shoved down our throats so the masses in general will go along with the concept that population reduction is a good thing, and that Bill Gates and Merck are only making vaccines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases because they care SO much about America and all those starving, sickened, third world countries that we also feed GMO. Let's take a close, inside look at the REAL research and statistics and END the worst MYTHS and insidious agendas of biotech (chem-ag), big pharma, the vaccine industry, and the globalists.


Genetically modified organisms or genetically mutated animals that eat them?   


The companies that manufacture and breed GMOs in laboratories pay millions of dollars to keep GMOs from being labeled. If GMOs can save a starving world, prevent drought, and maintain nutrition, why wouldn't those companies and corporations WANT a GMO label on everything that contains GMOs? Because eating pesticides leads to cancer and dementia. Because carcinogenic pesticides remain in the soil and kill nutrition for years and years and years. GM soy and GM corn have both been implicated in causing horrific cancer tumors in animals. What more proof do you need than this? GM pesticides and toxic herbicides cause chronic kidney and liver damage.




Influenza vaccines or toxic vaccines?


The warning PRINTED on flu shot insert says vaccines have NOT been tested for safety or efficacy. Mandatory mass-vaccination for sterilization is underway in the state of California, where the government says all children must be vaccinated with all CDC recommended vaccines or else NOT attend public or private school. This includes the MMR vaccine and highly controversial HPV. In actuality, the flu shot only helps 1.5 people out of 100. That's a very sad statistic for something termed "medicine." In fact, regarding the spreading of viruses and infectious disease, it was thought for years, and still is by many today, that Dr. Jonas Salk, the “God” of cult pharmacology, invented the polio vaccine, but in actuality, he really did nothing more than conduct illegal medical experiments on mental patients, and now his whole history has come into question regarding bioethics in general. In fact, Dr. Salk had nothing to do with the decline in mortality from infectious diseases whatsoever, including polio. Truthwiki has the whole story. So does VAXXED ­– the most dangerous medical documentary ever released.


Global Warming or Global Cooling?


Global warming is a depopulation scheme meant to convince the masses we need less people on Earth to survive. The Globalists, the Elitists, and Hitler - all have one thing in common for sure ... they want (or wanted) to get rid of everyone who is not either one of them or a slave to them. Here's the US Average Temperature Measured and Reported for the last century, 1915 to 2015. The average temperature in the US actually DECREASED from 53.3 to 53.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, all the climate change alarmists want to enslave humanity and kill the rest of us, but always for the "greater good." Sure, we all need to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint, and we all need to try to eliminate toxic pesticides from agriculture, and we all need to stop injecting mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum into our muscle tissue in the name of disease control, but let's not get crazy and perpetuate propaganda created by Hitler and his mad scientists 75 years ago.

















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