Thursday, February 28, 2013

Embracing your new RAW FOODS lifestyle with Natural News

Embracing Raw: Begin your transition to 80/20 raw (and maybe 100%) and see results almost immediately: The Health Ranger gives the ultimate guidance and great tips for a balanced and well researched approach to Raw. Raw can still be done wrong, with bad combinations of certain fruits and vegetables, and the timeliness of eating fruit outside of meals, and more. You learn the basics and the best at once with Natural News approach to the raw “conversion” most of us need to address and embrace right away.



Undamaged nutrients:


Alkaline-forming compounds cleanse the body:


Top 7 RAW FOODS to add to your daily:


1) Coconut. One of the greatest "superfoods" of our time, raw coconut is a nutrient powerhouse that is virtually unmatched throughout nature.

2) Chia seeds. When it comes to omega-3 fatty acids and disease-fighting antioxidants, chia seeds are virtually unsurpassed within the plant world.

3) Sprouted nuts and seeds. A wealth of important vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes, and proteins that have not been damaged or denatured by heat.

To add the other 4 to your list, after reading this blog, click on this link and make your grocery list! This is the day you take control of your health and drop the bad habits.



Embracing the good of raw: Did you know you can neutralize cancer by eating raw vegetables? It’s just that simple. The hard part is NOT mixing in CHEMICAL FOODS, and there are a lot of CHEMICAL FOODS OUT THERE. You have to embrace the good of raw, by allowing your real taste buds to return, by removing MSG and Aspartame from your intake. By removing fluoridated water. By removing dangerous flu shots and vaccines, and by removing food which contains chemicals, like pesticide, bleach, hormones, antibiotics, and the like. Then, within days, your tastebuds come back. They make a miraculous “comeback” and you realize how great your raw food day is, and people will ask you how you do it.



Raw cacao contains well over 300 identifiable nutrient compounds that feed the systems of your body, promoting healthy brain chemistry, boosting energy levels, improving circulation, and neutralizing cancer-causing free radicals.

Also check out pasture-based raw butter!

If you’re going to cook anything at high heat in oil, use grape seed oil!



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