Monday, February 25, 2013

New age cancer drugs spreading the disease to bones


It was thought that they would be effective in fighting cancer but the truth has been revealed to be something else. Natural News reports that some cancer drugs can be held responsible for spreading the disease to bones instead of preventing the spread of the disease in the human body. Hopefully it is not the case with most of the drugs, but still a concern remains for scientists because the drugs that have been alleged to give such a negative result are supposed to be the main weapons in the fight against cancer.


Research conducted by Washington University of Medicine clearly indicates that the anti-cancer drugs that are known as IAP antagonists can help in spreading the cancer to bones. According to Deborah V. Novack, MD, PhD the main reason behind the craze about these drugs is that they are immensely effective against preliminary tumors and they do not have major side effects. Novack has opined in her study that the IAPs work by targeting a protein that makes tumors more fragile. But it is the same protein that can also result in making the bones more fragile, eventually giving rise to osteoporosis and in worst cases, bone cancer.


Natural News has always tried to point out what cancer drugs are supposed to do and what they do in reality. Previously, several such malfunctions of cancer drugs have been brought  into limelight. Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science pointed out that the hormone therapy process for prostate cancer can actually instigate an abnormal growth in prostate cells thus leading to an increase in cancer cells in the body. In fact, chemotherapy that is considered to be an effective treatment of cancer can actually result in spreading cancer to different parts of the body.

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