Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How does the Processed Food and Firearms (PFF) Organization of Europe resemble the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) of USA?

What should be called the PTF, the “Processed Food and Firearms” Organization in Europe, has a completely different agenda than the U.S. version, the ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, since processed foods kill so many more people than alcohol and tobacco ever could. Controlling the amounts of horsemeat in processed food and dealing arms is the new “Mafia” way, and you won’t believe the coverage Natural News has on this unfolding global breaking news:
Natural News: “Britain's The Guardian newspaper, which is also tracking the story, reported that Draap has since confirmed it bought horse meat from a pair of Romanian slaughterhouses before selling the meat to French food processors including the firm Spanghero. That company, in turn, supplied the horse meat to yet another company, Comigel, which turned it into frozen meals for third-party companies like Findus. Some of those frozen dinners contained nearly 100 percent horse meat.”
Big Question: What do rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons have to do with horse meat:
Also, “A joint report released in 2011 by the International Peace Information Service and TransArms, an organization that researches and tracks arms shipments, contained evidence that GuardStand also owned a share in a firm called Ilex Ventures, "a connection that links the company to the global arms trade and Victor Bout, …"

Nobody calls it all out as well as the Health Ranger. For the real news, instead of the fake news, I tune in to Natural News Radio and read the articles that post, sometimes with breaking news updates/changes during the day or night, on Natural News.
There is a new “age” of news, a Renaissance of Information that’s available at your fingertips 24/7/365. Mike Adams and his team of journalists/nutrition enthusiasts tackle the tough issues of today, the issues that would normally stress people out to even think about, and they put it all in perspective, and they show you HOW, WHEN, and WHY it all applies to YOU and I, to our health and welfare, to our safety and happiness, to our rights as humans, and to our longevity.
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