Friday, July 19, 2013

Do you think INSECTICIDE is good for your teeth? Then don’t drink tap water.


Many decades ago, dentists believed that mercury fillings were fine for filling cavities in human teeth. Today, it is scientific knowledge that same mercury is causing major health problems, so nobody who understands this gets mercury fillings. Also, for more than 60 years, scientists have put mercury and aluminum in vaccines, but modern science has proven these to be carcinogenic and highly toxic to humans, so millions of people are opting out of flu shots and vaccines, and looking to natural remedies and Superfoods to build their immunity and prevent/cure disease. On top of all of that, the government, from the top down to the states, counties and cities of America, have been dumping fluoride, a known drug and insecticide, into municipal drinking water, claiming it’s good for your teeth. Millions of people are waking up to this, and reading the REAL research about how it damages the central nervous system, causes brain damage, and destroys natural immunity, often leading to cancer and CNS disorders. Are the people who still believe their dentists and doctors, who promote fluoride, are those people just too stupid from all the fluoride poisoning, to opt out of drinking this toxin regularly? Have they been so dumbed down by this food toxin that they can’t make decisions for themselves? The AMA and the FDA are the biggest crooks in the world, proving generation after generation that toxic water leads to medical problems, knowing good and well this “business” of polluting water with something they claims builds stronger teeth is rotten to the core!


If America cared about helping people NOT get cavities, why on earth does every store sell HFCS high fructose corn syrup GMO toxic sugar that rots your teeth right out of your mouth? Why is soda for sale at every grocery store, convenient store, entertainment facility, schools, and every vending machine at every workplace? Why are Coke and Pepsi two of the top corporate entities in the world? Because rotting peoples’ teeth is big business. That’s why. Dentists know fluoride is toxic. Doctors know it too. They know it from the beginning of medical/dental college, but are told to never mention it or they will lose their license. There goes 8 years of school!


Not only does fluoride ruin your health, it weakens teeth and causes fluoridosis, in many cases. Want to learn more about the danger to your health?


Natural News is reporting: “Artificial fluoride chemicals that are added to municipal water supplies all across America are deadly”


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