Monday, July 15, 2013

Obamacare and GMOs: The move against public health


Natural News says that as per a report published in one edition of Wall Street Journal, healthy people will have pay double or even triple their current health insurance rates than unhealthy ones under Obamacare.  But, for persons suffering from “Chronic diseases”, the rates will be reduced as all the healthy people subsidize their disease lifestyle. This decision by the Federal government shows that the healthy people following strict diet chart and exercises will be forced to bear the burden for those who fall ill.


Obamacare is based on the assumption that health is a matter of luck. This false belief has benefitted big pharmaceutical companies and doctors, because it puts the power of health in the hands of corporations and medical personnel. But, according to Natural News this concept is totally false as health is a matter of cause and effect rather than luck. If you eat healthy and exercise you are sure to get a healthy body and mind. Many people are of the opinion that Obamacare restricts people from eating healthy and encourages people to adopt unhealthy forms of eating. The complete story is at .


This is not the end, the federal government is also encouraging people to consume more of GMO based food available in the market. The government is protecting the GMO industry, with its recent signing of the “Monsanto Protection Act”, neglecting the general publics’ health interests. Profit Pro has published over the internet a Corn Comparison Report based on the 2012 study. The report reveals that GMO corns contain alarming levels of glyphosate. Also the formaldehyde level of GMO corn is very high. Genetically modified organisms cause a variety of health diseases like cancer and infertility. The Monsanto (Frankenfood) business and other biotech giants may have just been pardoned from their crimes against humanity. Through their lobbying efforts Monsanto was able to protect their GMO industry and get the Congress and President Obama to pass a provision that exempts them from GMO liability. But now with increasing awareness among the public, the president and his “right hand man” Monsanto – and their plan of pushing forward with GMO propaganda is harder than ever. Know more on this at .

Remember, don't eat pesticide - it causes cancer.






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