Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pink Slime Debacle and recent Golden Corral incident throw light on foul restaurants and scary school food

According to Natural News, Golden Corral Restaurant severely ignores the food quality measures that a restaurant needs to follow in order to maintain the quality and hygiene of the foods served. But the latest photos posted on the internet highlight another aspect of this restaurant. The photos show how filthy dishes are stacked over which flies are roaming about. There are also some photos that show how the employees of the restaurant wearing their restaurant dress are walking over food lying all around. These photos are posted by a guy who claims to be the employee of the same restaurant.

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The guy also posted a video in YouTube which very clearly shows how the food is lying around with some ribs being stacked in the dumpster while the restaurant was undergoing inspection. This comes as a huge shock especially when this restaurant has several chains in other parts of the country as well. Does this mean that their other outlets do the same thing? What more, with the inspection being over, the employees are seen bringing back the food which they will use in different preparations and then serve it to their clients. All these photos and the video are uploaded by Brandon Huber who claims to be an employee of this restaurant.

Recently the Beef Products Inc. (BPI) and several of its affiliate companies have sued ABC News and are asking for a damage of $1.2 billion as the news channel has degraded the company over the use of Pink Slime. As per BPI there is no such thing, what they are using is a legitimate form of beef that many companies have been using in their food products without having being questioned about its integrity.

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