Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fukushima Radiation Health Advisor says drinking alcohol and smiling makes you immune to radiation exposure!


Breaking news: This just in:

Thousands of bars to open near Fukushima, because Health Advisor says drinking alcohol and just smiling makes you immune to radiation exposure!
Ok, they’re not opening taverns and bars near the Fukushima plant, but the actual Health Risk Advisor is telling his people a huge pack of lies, to keep them calm, to keep them from fleeing the country, so he can either protect the economy or engage is some bizarre population reduction agenda. Who does he think he is, Bill Gates?! I thought only America were the skilled ones at convincing people who are rightfully concerned that there’s “nothing to see here.” Our media is the best at covering some huge catastrophe that affects our lives, our health, our environment, our food, our water, and completely dismissing it. It’s called catch and release. You cover it just enough to let people know you have looked into it, that “authorities are well aware,” but you can move on with your day, with your work, and with your same ole daily regimen; drinking, smiling, immune to the destruction and careless, greedy government functioning like criminals all around you. While the Fukushima plant is eroding, and leaking spent fuel rods are endangering their very lives, this “Blue Clues” idiot is telling his people to smile and be merry and that will make you immune to nuclear radiation! That’s what everyone should have done during and after hurricane Sandy on the Northeast shore of America last year, and they would’ve all been just fine and their homes too. In fact, if you paint a huge smiley face on your roof, then hurricanes and tornados can’t wreck it, and drones won’t fire at it, knowing you want nothing but peace and to pay your taxes. The worst news is that if the Tsunami victims had just thought of this, or had they announced these strategies before the big title wave event, then people could have been immune to the wall of water, and still be talking about how great Health Advisors are that go on TV and give their people great strategies for surviving and thriving through nuclear power plant meltdowns, earthquakes, and terrorism in general. Fight terror with your smile and even bombs, missiles and hand grenades can’t blow you up.


CNN is doing the exact same thing for Americans right now, it’s just worded differently. Yes, they go from horrific news (they play way down) and then go right to a story about some Hollywood actor who had a little skiing accident, or the funny kid who made some Youtube video everybody is watching, or maybe even some crazy twitter “tweet” between a couple rogue politicians. It’s all catch and release news, no matter how severe the tragedy or the looming consequences.


Here are some OF THE QUOTES of DR. BRAINWASHER, Mr Syunichi Yamashita, Professor of Nagasaki University and Health Risk Advisor for Fukushima Radiation, who has fantastic advice for all humans, especially those living or working near Fukushima! (Mike Adams the Health Ranger’s hilarious comments in parenthesis):


• "To tell you the truth, radiation doesn't affect people who are smiling. Only those who are worried. This has clearly been demonstrated by animal studies." (HUH? WHAH?)

• "Drinking may be bad for your health, but happy drinkers are less affected by radiation." (

• "Laughter will remove your radiation phobia." (COOL, 'CUZ I'M LAUGHING ALREADY!)

• "If you laugh, radiation won't get you." (NOW I CAN SAFELY WORK AT A MAMMOGRAPHY CLINIC!)

• "Internal exposure has 10 times less health risk than external exposure." (SO IF I EAT URANIUM, IT'S SAFER THAN USING IT AS A SKIN WHITENING CREAM?)

• "No effect on health below 100 millisieverts radiation exposure." (UNLESS YOU ARE A MAMMAL)

• "Children can play outdoors." (AS LONG AS YOU DON'T MIND THEM DYING)

• "Adults over 20 years have very little sensitivity to radiation. Almost zero." (UNLESS THEY HAPPEN TO STILL BE ALIVE...)

Learn more:


Here’s the video on YOUTUBE that you HAVE to see to believe!

dr. brainwasher in action!!



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