Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ultimate immunity from cancer using Noni fruit now proven by scientists at Clemson Oncology

Big Pharma sells Americans on vaccines and flu shots for immunity, and they use all kinds of chemicals in them to “shock” the human immune system into reaction, which often leaves inoculation “victims” in a state of shock, literally, including anaphylactic shock, comas, and even the ultimate immunity to disease, which is death. But who knew about Mother Nature’s greatest immunity building blocks? Do the Chinese know? Do the Japanese know? What about the monks living high in the mountains of Asia and India? What about the nutritionists who live in Peru and Brazil?


Big Pharma convinces Americans that they’ve run tests on vaccines, flu shots, and even antibiotics, and that’s why they have to list side effects on TV commercials – that’s all for YOUR safety, because they care about your diseases and disorders.


Natural News covers the research that makes a difference in people’s lives, that helps them defend their bodies naturally against the greatest cell destroyers out there. You see, when people hear about their relatives being diagnosed with cancer, or they get diagnosed themselves, they always reach that CROSSROAD, where they question WESTERN MEDICINE and start considering natural remedies, like cannibas sativa, hemp seed oil, kale, medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, and Chaga.




People start questioning doctors who want to infuse their bodies with chemicals that make them sick, weak, and usually spread the cancer. People start considering Natural Cures! But can they believe 100% and commit to them? Their Western Med Witch Doctors tell them otherwise. The rich, greedy or even uneducated (regarding nutrition) surgeons and oncologists convince them that somehow surgery can cut out their rotting blood or a failing organ, and everything will be okay.


Superfoods are part of the “way out” of the madness and the road to longevity, without ever eating or injecting chemicals, and simply knowing what fruit, herbs, tinctures and supplements to take, and just how much.



It’s not complicated, it’s just that Big Pharma has a lot of people at work to try to trick you and convince you that the quack doctors are not their own, but they are!


Here’s your beginning to the greatest research on cancer cures and prevention, via Natural and the Health Ranger:


Anti-cancer effects of Morinda citrifolia, also known as "Noni"


Natural News has coverage of this fascinating and life saving research done in Clemson, South Carolina, at a Greenville Oncology Research Center.


"These data demonstrate that fNE appears to be able to stimulate the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system to reject tumor cells,"



NONI Stimulates the immune system and rejects cancer tumor cells!!


The scientists used the whole fruit, including the seeds. 

Learn more:


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