Thursday, October 31, 2013 CRASHES DURING TESTIMONY by HHS to Congress that it’s fine, just running “slow” and unreliable crashed in 18 states or more before the lying witch lied to congress about the functionality, the statistics and the PRIOR KNOWLEDGE about the huge failure that was in the making, for quite some time, and costing hundreds of MILLIONS for taxpayers who can’t even get someone on the phone, much less secure healthcare on line. Kathleen Sebelius and Senator Dianne Feinstein must hang out together a lot, because they are both talking heads for the evil empire, and they should be dressed up like some emperor from Flash Gordon or something, so everyone would know what they’re really about. If Sebelius could just talk smoother, like Obama, maybe everybody would believe her sack full of horse poop, but as it stands, while she lies through her teeth about the healthcare.gullible site being slow and unreliable, she commits perjury to Congress like it’s just some conversation in the break room at work. Meanwhile, the site is riddled with code that doesn’t even make sense, and can’t be fixed for at least two years, but the Obama Administration simply wants complete control before everyone figures THAT out, and once they have the DIRT on all their adversaries, all the politicians and CEO’s that compete for their SEAT, well, then they can have that edge they need in the next election, and those SUPERPAC commercials, that they have “no control” over, can spill the news, and spew the news, and tell you which married politicians have hired call girls at some luxury resort, and which CEO’s cheated on their taxes for years, and which ones embezzled bail outs, and so on. You see, as the healthcare.gullible website crashes and crashes and delays, Obamacare (NSA and DHS) are gathering data, just like the prism data on the thumb drive that Eric Snowden revealed, but instead of a thumb drive, this is the MotherLoad Hub of personal information on every single person they want to CONTROL. So go ahead and TRY to sign up, because your failure is their success. Just be sure not to register your weapons and psych meds when you enroll, because that might be the last time you ever type anything on a computer.






Healthcare software PIRATED/STOLEN from UK company? Natural News has coverage:

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