Monday, October 28, 2013

You can ignore the prevention and cures for cancer by watching television and reading the newspaper

What’s the best way to become sick, stay sick, and die early? Listen to what you hear on television about food, drinks, products and medicine. Buy what is advertised heavily, consume what the news says is safe to consume, and follow the advice of doctors who appear on television to talk MORE about what the news is covering, the latest drugs, the latest surgery, and the latest greatest “technology” in the x-ray rooms and vaccine therapies. You see, there is a pattern, and it has worked for a hundred years, well, as long as cancer has been around in the USA, and that pattern is reciprocal. In other words, the best way to get cancer is to follow bad instruction over, over and over again. The television is chock full of exciting, interesting and engaging commercials. There are situations you’d probably love to be a part of, like scuba diving in the Caribbean ocean, or sitting on the deck of some beautiful cottage overlooking the mountains and green rolling hills, just sipping a drink and relaxing, without a care in the world. There are models on tv, and pro athletes, and “reknowned” doctors who are famous (infamous) with the celebrities, who cure people and dish out magic pills that help with disease and disorder, so you can “live the life” of the actors in the Big Pharma commercials.


Are you under the spell of media hypnosis? Take this simple test and find out:


This is the pattern, the brainwashing pattern, created by the media, perpetuated, inflated, exaggerated, and glorified, and this is the pattern that feeds America cancer, to fuel the hundred billion dollar a year industry. There is a huge connection that you can be mesmerized by, believing you can eat and drink anything you want, and when your health falls into the gutter, doctor magic pill has something for you.


The top 7 cancer cures have been buried by Federal “programming” and “regulation” for nearly 100 years. The masses have been denied “coverage” and “knowledge” but now, thanks to S.D. Wells and Mike Adams of Natural News, thousands of people are sharing the truth on line, and it’s all covered in this article that is going viral.


Don’t get “programmed” by the system. Get un-brainwashed. Learn the truth. Track Natural News and protect yourself from the “C” word that is attacking every third person in America and killing half of them. Cancer is no joke but there are more than a handful of cures. Check into it now:


Top seven natural cures for cancer that got buried by the FDA, AMA, CDC

Learn more:


What if someone you know has cancer right now, and you could give them some information about a clinic that was curing people who were on their last leg, who had been through even chemo and radiation and who were sent home to “die” by some hospital/oncologist, but who somehow were saved by natural remedy? What if you had that contact at your fingertips and could share it with that person? Would you do it? You would?! Here you go:



Here’s some research on the clinic:



What if mushrooms that grow on the sides of trees were the cure for cancer, and people in India, Japan and China all knew about it, but people in America were lured away from the knowledge by the media, doctors and oncologists, who get paid a fortune NOT to tell you? Is that conspiracy theory, or are there conspirators who are working to keep cancer cures in the dark over here in the Western World full of cancer cases, like nowhere else on the planet?




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