Monday, December 16, 2013

The chemotherapy “enforcers” of America and the “velvet gloved iron fist” of tyranny


What exactly is state-sponsored medical terrorism? What happens in America if you have cancer and you don’t like your hospitals advice and seek Alternative treatment? What happens if you get surgery and then deny chemo or radiation for cancer treatment in America? What do the hospitals do, and specifically, what do they do to maintain control over choices of medication for children? Would you feel terrorized if the state had complete control of what medicines to give your children? What if those medicines had a dismal rate of success, say 5% as a standard? That’s a 95% failure rate, in case you weren’t doing the math there. Who gets away with murder like that? Hospitals, that’s who … hospitals with grants that want to “try out” their newly acquired meds, whatever Big Pharma claims as the latest and greatest (biggest money maker).


Hunting down families and kids to force-chemo them is tyrannical. It’s like some third world dictator during a civil war or something. It’s insane. They are sociopaths. The whole Western Medical Industrial Complex has just lost it. These are cases where parents even got their child cured with natural remedies and the hospital still wants to capture and administer chemo!


Natural News has full coverage of this:


Families have to flee the country, becoming fugitives from law enforcement, because children who have cancer are now being court-ordered to undergo chemotherapy or radiation. The hospitals influence the courts, which threaten the parents with arrest for refusing expensive treatments that cause their children to suffer needlessly.

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Western Medical Industrial Complex at large


They’re on the loose folks! Run! Hide somewhere and get healthy! Quick, run from the people who are “trying to save you” by force-administering chemicals for your health problem you have that’s caused by eating and drinking chemicals. The government wants to make sure you don’t cure yourself, publicly, of some disorder of the cells that is caused by consuming products that are commonly advertised during the news and during the Super Bowl. Advertising built this country! How do you think we paid for all those skyscrapers and cement roads and cities? How dare you try to rip it down with your organic food and your tinctures of medicinal mushrooms! How dare you give oxygen to your cells and use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide 35% (one drop in your spring water daily does the trick). How dare you traitors of the system deny our archaic cut and burn money making scheme! Your just lucky we don’t still use bloodletting! Heck, fake cancer treatment has been around for 75 years, and Big Pharma has been working hard since WWII to convince everyone that a 5% chance of survival is better than eating the worlds most perfect food, drinking perfect spring water, alkalizing the body and having a GOOD chance of living past 100, happy, healthy and probably wealthy. Go figure. Follow natural news for more GOOD news.


Health Ranger interviews Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski about innovative cancer treatment, establishment's suppression of truth about the cure

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Also check into this for more truth about the cures for cancer, as testified by patients in courts!

Burzynski documentary reveals true agenda of FDA and cancer industry to destroy cancer cures that really work

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