Thursday, December 19, 2013

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to RUN from the ‘Mosquito’ Truck and the DDT spray coming out


You see it all the time, kids playing in the yard or the neighborhood streets, maybe playing basketball, running through sprinklers, or just hitting a ball with a stick, and the mosquito truck – better known as the “mosquito man” – comes cruising right by, nice and slow, spraying what only God and the government know out of the end, and they tell us all it’s to kill the mosquitoes and their eggs, but what EGGS are they really killing? Could population control be too much to talk about for you? What about Agent Orange, that weed and brush burning chemical they used in Vietnam, you know, that stuff that gave lots of soldiers (infantry) cancer, that marched through those DDT burnt “weeds” of the jungle, and they had no idea til they got home? What do you think mosquito spray is anyway, if that’s all it is, a chemical that kills “reproduction” – of cells – and of bugs and humans.
Natural News has a story that will make you think long and hard about what’s being sprayed around neighborhoods, and before you think it’s just the mosquito truck, you might want to get ready for the news about chemtrails, the long lasting white streaks of what look like clouds, for hours on end, in the skies over America, where the war on terror means you hear that “sweet sound of freedom” roaring over head constantly, and the jets, planes and crop dusters leave behind a not so sweet residue, full of medical waste and weed killer, full of bio-waste and bug killer, and the anti-conspiracy theorists keep reading, because they want to know where it all leads.
Natural News has this report on RoundUp Ready crops humans eat, DDT mosquito spray, and chemical trails over U.S. skies:
Why is it such a "conspiracy theory" to think that medical waste is so expensive to dispose of that the already corrupt medical mafia of America wouldn't spray it from planes over neighborhoods? I mean, why not fuel the sick care agenda they're already profiting from in the superbug-ridden hospitals and emergency rooms all over the country? Is it conspiracy theory or just millions of sick Americans whose doctors just can't seem to figure out what they have? Was it that mystery disease called fibromyalgia or just a case of "inherited" cancer?

Learn more:
Denying chemtrails is dangerous for your health
What’s in your drinking water – RoundUp? DDT? Chemtrails? You want to investigate this. This is worth your time:

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