Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lead and cadmium target your organs – Health Ranger examines heavy metals toxicity coming from our FOOD supply


This just in: “Forty nine percent of Americans consider the brain important!” That means it is officially confirmed that heavy metals in foods have left half of us so impaired that we can’t even read health news to understand how everything got so messed up.


Flu vaccines contain aluminum. Children’s medicines are coated with aluminum. Medical science realm won’t be clear about it. High copper in certain foods leads to symptoms of copper overload emanating in behavior. Could this have to do with the prison overloads? Testosterone and aggressive “agro” behaviors could be getting “fuel” from heavy metals in foods. Check that chicken meat for arsenic folks! Watch those calcium supplements y’all! Yep, the big calcium scam “as seen on TV.”


Learn about hormonal changes that affect heart, kidneys and brain. The “re-poisoning effect” from childhood right to an adult. Lead released into bloodstream gives second hand lead poisoning over time. Gall bladder and liver struggle dealing with it (insoluble fiber). Gastrointestinal tract struggles.


People with depression should drastically reduce lead intake

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Coming from our FOOD supply … Cadmium overload!


Cadmium overload can fuel anger issues: Accumulates over time and causes personality changes. It’s a stimulant. People used to inhale mercury vapors and salts for diarrhea. Check those Merck manuals! It gives energy boost makes you THINK you’re getting better! Home you go feeling better thanks to the “doctor” (witchdoctor) and you’ll be back when you RELAPSE. Let’s go ahead and schedule that “be back” appointment now, “since we’re booked for next week, we’ll work you in though” because you’re a “customer for life.”


Mike Adams, research scientist and heavy metals toxicology expert, reveals why heavy metals are so dangerous to human health.


heavy metals composition analysis: examining hundreds of different foods, superfoods and nutritional products!

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There is a cumulative effect and you should address it. An ounce of prevention is worth a POUND of cure! Check your supplements. The Health Ranger is helping expose reality and it is an economic and environmental reality. The real drug addiction in America is BAD FOOD.


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