Friday, January 31, 2014

Natural News Forensic Food Lab investigates HEAVY METALS and GMO in FOODS!

You can count on Natural News Blogs to report on breaking natural health news, whether it’s global, continental, state wide, regional or hometown news. Mike Adams the Health Ranger is using science to unveil all kinds of chemicals in common foods and even in health foods. You could stay on top of your own food regimen by learning some of what Mike is studying in the lab – including heavy metals like lead, cadmium, aluminum, and even mercury in our common supplements, fruits and vegetables, hemp and sprouts, seeds, grasses, and more. Understand which products and brand names even that are sporting lead, uranium and copper in what they sell you as “healthy” or “natural.”


So, now, why the huge concern for heavy metals in our food? Let’s take a couple minutes to review just to name a few issues people have from heavy metal overload:


Heavy metals can actually target your organs. Some of the heavy metals in food are actual metal fragments – yes shards of metal – meaning they’re not even the kind found in soil that plants absorb. Talk about “targeting organs” – let’s see how your kidneys and pancreas handle that. Eating too much copper can make you go insane. Cadmium overload exacerbates kidney disease. Lead helps you develop cognitive disorders! Sounds great, huh? That should help you register for Obamacare and vote for the next clown to run Washington D.C.




This research is going viral!


Check out all these amazing reports and blog articles:



Food Supply Polluted for America and gets worse in 2014/2015


Think about this: in 3 years Obama will have to leave office. The “Dems” might lose control of everything. What if the “Repubs” want revenge? An elephant vs. donkey war! That means the clowns running things now want to pillage everything before they are ousted. Get it? George W. Bush needed 9/11 to happen to get re-elected. Obama needed the Bin Laden “catch” to get re-elected. What will Obama “need” to salvage the Dem vote for Hillary or the next puppet stooge? Ladies and gentlemen, step right up to the three ring circus, where 3,000 politicians inside the D.C. beltway perform magic and illusions for your entertainment. Get a “candied apple” (GMO food) and some space dust candy (psych meds) and vote for the best performer, the one who looks and talks most “electable” and who looks presidential. That’s all that matters, is how they look and if they say what you want to hear …


Let’s practice a little:


“The Healthcare site is up and running and is secure!”


“War is good for the economy.”





The politics of bad war, bad food, and bad medicine run deep. Don’t be naïve! Wake up, read the research, make informed decisions and open up your brain to its full potential. When you eat right, you feel right. When you feel right, you think right. When you think right, you are an organic, intelligent human being who becomes self sufficient and efficient. This is your life, keep it running on high octane food, not low level rat food!


More on Polluted and Contaminated FOOD here: 

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Excellent research and blogs. Follow natural news daily for more information on things that MATTER.

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