Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Los Angeles, Chicago, New York to become a mini “Beijing” if they don’t control pollution


Take a little road trip across parts of the United States and you see all kinds of factories off the highways, especially the smaller highways. You see factories with crude thick smoke bellowing out of pipes into the sky, slowly spreading out. You see chicken factories, paper mills, shipyards, among other industrial plants. If you have to cut through a metropolitan city, maybe one you’ve never even visited before, you get surprised, caught up in heavy traffic, highway fumes, road construction, smog from the skyscrapers, cranky sick people with attitude problems, and a whole host of pollution in downtown streets, gutters near bars and restaurants, and sometimes even medical waste. This is like a short nightmare that you can usually drive away from and simply evacuate, after your visit or your close encounters, but for some, they’re stuck, because they live there.


Close to 8.3 million in New York City


Close to 4 million people living in Los Angeles


Close to 2.7 million in Chicago


Add in Houston, Philadelphia, Pheonix, San Antonio, Dallas, Jacksonville, Miami, Las Vegas, Virginia Beach, Atlanta and Baltimore and what have you got? You’ve got about 40 millions folks possibly taking a handful of years off their life by breathing in toxins day in, day out, at work and at home.


500 million residents of northern China


So you may be saying or thinking that what goes on in China doesn’t go on here, because their population statistics blow ours away and its so far away. You may be thinking we have decades or even a century before those problems exist and persist here, in the USA, in metropolitan cities and surrounding suburbs, right? Wrong! Up to 21% of China's industrial pollution comes from manufacturing exports for the United States, bringing to full circle a new form of literal blowback.


Yes, the politics of having China manufacture most of what we buy here is coming home to “roost,” and experts say the pollution can reach the U.S. in 6 days! From sulfate concentrations over U.S. skies to heavy metal contamination of foods we import (even the ‘organic’ ones) - the problems run deeper than anyone who watches TV and reads the scripted newspapers for their news will ever know.


Shorter Life Spans of 5.5 Years – A Natural News Inside Story


While the World Health Organization (WHO) considers fine particles (PM2.5) safe below 25 micrograms, Beijing monitoring stations have recently recorded levels between 350-500 micrograms and as high as 671 micrograms. In Harbin, the tenth most populous city in China, which is located in the far northeast of the country, PM2.5 levels soared as high as 1,000 micrograms…. China's Ministry of Land and Resources declared that some 3.3 million hectares of farmland in central China was polluted with heavy metals and industrial contamination


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