Monday, November 17, 2014

Biotech & GMO Front Man, Jon Entine, busted in court for chemical and domestic violence


Some people in this world have values and ethics, and others don't. It's that simple. Would you write a column or a professional review of someone and ruin their reputation if you got paid to do it? What if that person were an honest, hard-working person who gave every waking hour to helping people prevent cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease? Would you still "ruin them" in writing for a handsome paycheck? What if you had to worry about being sued for all the money you were paid to write it - what then?


Like we said earlier, some people have values and ethics, and some don't. Jon Entine, writer for, is not one of those people with either of those traits. No. Jon Entine, Biotech Front Man (liar and shill) is a man who purposely ruins people's reputations while treating his family like trash. His poor wife and daughter have been put through the ringer for over 8 years, harassed and abused, according to court documents filed by his wife. After years and years of getting paid to lie about toxic food saying it's safe to eat, and after years and years of getting paid to bring down companies by writing defamatory pieces in mostly legitimate media outlets, the tables have turned. A media fraudster and biotech shill has pushed GMO and smothered organic news the best he could for the money, but it's over. Exposed! Natural News is uncovering what no other news outlet was able to do yet, and that has pulled the mask off the trolls of the internet,, ABC news and Monsanto's "research."


Seralini gains even more credit he was due for his long term research on GM corn giving rats cancer tumors the size of golf balls - that kill them early.


Jeffrey Smith gains even more credit for speaking the GMO language that the laymen can understand and appreciate enough to stay clear of genetically MUTATED food that's wrought with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, algaecides and toxins no man, woman or child was ever meant to consume at any level.


Jon Entine tried to ruin Natural News with phony journalism and phony research talk of "sound science" that doesn't exist in the GMO world. They don't test anything on humans for safety, or lab animals. The FDA and the CDC are all in on it, and Jon Entine helps take the script from the White House to the "award winning" media mass hype outlets that don't even tell the truth when reporting on the dangers of Crop-Science at Bayer or Dupont or Dow Chemical Agriculture. Entine's fraudulent and illicit behavior is bordering on sociopath. He doesn't examine the true damage he's doing to himself while damaging others. Now his ugly personal life has welled up "bit him in the behind", ruining his own reputation for good. It's going viral on the internet. Alternative media is blogging like crazy about this media shill and what he tried to do to ruin people's lives.


No wonder millions of people March Against Monsanto every year around the world. They know! This one perfect example of a journalistic hack just proves that all the other trolls out there doing the same thing have no morals or ethics. WE see now what goes on behind closed doors. Just look at this guy. He's scum:


Entine commits violence against women (his own wife) and traumatizes his own daughter, according to court documents revealed in Part One of this investigation.He promotes and excuses toxic chemicals like atrazine which contribute to the destruction of the biosphere with "chemical violence" that impacts us all.

Learn more: (Part 5) from Natural Health News and the Natural News Tracker:

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