Monday, November 17, 2014

Guessing time is gone! Biotech shills will do ANYTHING to drive you to your grave, like bad-mouthing Natural News and Mike Adams


 Does your news about health and safety ABUSE you? In other words, to keep it simple, is bad education the root of your major problems concerning your health? Did you know the White House pushes information about pesticide food to foster Obamacare dividends? Yes, it rolls "down hill" as they say, but one should never drink from a river where people are defecating up stream, that's just common sense. So where do you get your information about health and safety - from TV news, or other mainstream "lamestream" media outlets that sell you junk science, synthetic drugs for pain, and chemotherapy for medicine? Guess who writes for these BIG SHILLS? -Smaller shills. Chump shills. People who get paid to lie, cheat and steal. People who get sued and know they're going to get sued but don't care because the payout is greater than the lawsuit, and ANY publicity is good publicity, in their minds ....


Except when the court documents reveal your a liar, wife beater, child abuser, and a journalistic fraud. Then people change WHO they listen to and about WHAT, especially if that WHO and WHAT mean they can decide between being healthy or being chronically sick with warped cells, weak immunity and that "old timer's" disease early in life. Yes, GMO causes cancer, because what kills weeds, bugs and animals kills humans too (maybe because we're animals?).


Guessing time is gone. You can know who the liars are right now by reading this report, and you can know that Natural Health News wants you to be healthy and smart. Let's continue here from the report breaking on Natural News now about Jon Entine, a journalistic huckster and shill who tried to ruin Natural News; here's the guys wife pleading the courts to rescue her and her daughter from him:


My husband's actions have created an intolerable atmosphere in our home which continue to escalate. For example, he purchased listening devices so that he could record my conversations. Knowing that I was under surveillance in my own home I could not relax. Jenny could sense my discomfort and tension. Our daughter's nanny quit working for us because she could not tolerate the stressful environment created by my husband.

Rather than allow the nanny to care for Jenny. he acted inappropriately toward her by involving her in our marital troubles. He sold her my computer and a fax machine without my knowledge or consent. This interfered with my employment. Further, my husband has begun pursuing romantic relationships from our home.


Jon Entine begins dating via while still living with wife - court documents

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