Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wake up!! The Mass Media and your Leaders are Lying and they even admit to it!


From Media and Biotech Shills right to the top and the architect of Obamacare (Carelessness Act), the American people are being swindled into eating cancer food and having their insurance rates double or triple to get chemotherapy coverage to treat cancer food disease. It's that simple, and Obama and his Big Pharma/Biotech/Wall Street cohorts think America's full of dumb voters who don't know anything or what's good for 'em.


Lies about Healthcare Act:


"They think you're stupid, that they can pull the wool over your eyes, they know more than you do and that they know what's good for you, and it's best to simply keep you in the dark. So why lie to the American people -- and make no mistake, we were lied to -- starting with "you can keep your healthcare plan and your doctor" to "this is not a tax, it's a penalty."  But think about it -- how could we possibly have a law that would cover millions more with no added cost to you? After all -- you're the one who always gets squeezed."

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Lies about Biotech GMO food being safe to eat:


" contributing writer Jon Entine, long known as a biotech shill and pesticide apologist, committed physical violence against his wife and psychologically traumatized his own daughter, according to court documents now revealed in this comprehensive, five-part investigative article by Natural News. The documents, shown below, reveal how his wife pleaded for court protection against domestic violence and child abuse ..."

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This clown writes for and blasts Natural News, the best Health News website on the internet. This GMO Front Man is a complete propaganda spreader who's not even a scientist, or doctor or nutritionist, but somehow writes major mass media pieces on science, biotech agriculture, safety books for herbicides, and recently got busted in court for wife and child abuse. Unbelievable!



This "tool" of a journalist is being used by Biotech to spread lies about GMO that they're somehow safe, and  about their already falsified research is somehow legit, when there are no checks and balances in place for planting GMO crop in America, or mislabeling it, or not labeling it at all. Corn, Soy and Canola for the masses! Wow. Then our leader Obama forces everyone to buy healthcare or the IRS may come put you in jail! Wow. So get some really expensive coverage by force, and then eat lots of Biotech disaster mutant crop and wonder why you're visiting the doctor and hospital so often and nothing's getting better! Wonder why your premium skyrocketed and why your coverage only includes doctor's on the government's list, because doctors are not participating in Obamacare like the Big Government thought.




Jon Entine is just another pig in the pen in a long list of fraudulant, abusive writers who try to bring down the natural news world and cripple your health. Jon Entine is a man with no ethics and no values, who does ANYTHING for money in the name of Big Government, Big Food and GMO. You may read his lies about "sound science" but know from his private life that abuse is prominent and frequent.



Did you know most scripted bad journalism comes down from the White House? It's true. CNN, New York Times and Fox deliver you filtered, warped news. They cover in great detail what they WANT you to know, and they OMIT what they don't want you to know, like Natural Cures and Self-Defense stories - like Natural Remedies and food for Longevity! They leave these vital subjects out of the news, always, to keep people in the dark. If they must talk about them because they get popular, like Natural News, they try to bury it with conspiracy theory accusations, or wild notions that they're not real or swindling people, when it's the NEWS that's swindling you! It's the HealthCare Act that's swindling you. It's the Biotech shills that are swindling you - ripping you off and ruining the knowledge that's power. You have the power to be independent and healthy. Knowledge is power and they don't want us to have that!


"But the biggest problem with not only healthcare -- but with everything this administration does -- is that there is no transparency," Pirro said.

'They think you're stupid'

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