Saturday, January 10, 2015

Organic choices vanishing mysteriously from major chain grocers

Organic cheese and organic butter are quickly becoming more of rare finds in major supermarkets like Harris Teeter, Farm Fresh and Food Lion. Why? The cute little Harris Teeter organic section seemed impressive when they "built it out" some last year, but now there's a tricky mix in there, of "all natural" products that aren't organic or even natural at all, and other product labels that look like the certified organic label but aren't, like Simple Truth ... and other imposters. Eat the wrong kind of cheese and butter regularly and you're health is in a world of hurt. That's why the government used to dish out cheese and butter blocks to those on welfare. Kick'em while they're down, right? Wrong! Whatever happened to the Free Government Cheese Program? Do they call that "SNAP" now? There are only about 50 million Americans on SNAP. Grab that conventional meat (hormones), milk (hormones), soda, cheese (hormones), GM corn chips and gluten bread (pesticide) for free. Is that what Obamacare really is?




What about filtered water, free from additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings, BPA, fluoride, artificial sweeteners and the like? Tap water kills brain cells - it's proven in lower IQ scores. Evian is naive spelled backwards, and Deer Park is "crap read" spelled backwards phonetically. Is this a sign? Should you be reading the labels of all the foods you eat to know if you're eating or drinking "crap?" I'm sure you heard that "Silk" and "Kashi" sold out to corporate/biotech and GMO, right?



Some beer even has GMO corn syrup in it. Did you know?


Let's talk about organic, frozen fruit and coconut water - which has sold out recently and is not being restocked quickly (if at all). Just take a look and you will see. Here's are two questions to ponder: Is supply not meeting demand, or is it conventional corporate GMO pulling top selling organic food off shelves? Can you find organic honey? If not, why not? If so, how much does it cost, compared to the cheap fake honey from China that the USA sells in cute little bear shaped plastic squeeze containers? If you're wondering why organic honey is expensive and hard to find, stop wondering and keep reading.




CEOs and Store Managers Have Control of Inventory


Walmart Super-store managers, and Target and Kroger CEOs have complete control over what organic products to carry. If they carry organic milk and organic meat, well, the people are still consuming products that are difficult for the body to break down. If they sell mostly "all natural" products and whole grains, they are still not pushing a plant based diet. How badly does the "system" that wants us sick going to reward us with viable and sustainable choices? Are we stuck choosing among evils and if so, who is in control? You didn't forget about the "Organic Spies Video"  and the Whole Foods whistleblower about GMOs did you?




Maybe much of that food you thought was organic NEVER WAS organic to begin with. Do you eat from the "Canola-Oil-Food-Bar" at Whole Foods and think you're eating whole food and organic food, now do you?




Who's in control of your diet again?



Is Walmart actually threatening organic food by carrying it? Think about it. David Gutierrez, staff writer for writes:


"Walmart has induced its suppliers, which include iconic, legacy companies like Huffy Corporation (makers of Huffy bicycles), Levi Strauss & Co. and Master Lock, to move factories and jobs to impoverished countries while abandoning some of their quality control mechanisms. Critics think that this will result in the Arkansas-based retail and grocery giant doing the same to organic food -- pushing farms to relocate to unregulated regions around the world, which would undermine organic standards in America."


And then there's more:


Has the price skyrocketed for organic food at your grocery store? Have your favorite healthy products sold out and that little slot on the shelves just sitting clear for months? You know what would be far more expensive than organic food? Catastrophic health detriment that's NOT covered by Obamacare (Un-affordable Care Act).


Harris Teeter says they'll "save you more on your grocery bill" - yeah, but on which products?



And is there any third-party inspections for the Trader Joe's brand? Valid questions may be arising for you right now, and that's good, because that means that your research is paying off. You will feel better when you find your favorite healthy foods again, so don't be discouraged. The "rainbow" doesn't just "run out" of color or sky.


Remember, always avoid GMO and processed, dead food. Seek organic food daily and you will know the difference daily.











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