Thursday, January 8, 2015

Seventy percent of American smokers want to quit - finally a method that works!

Outside the office buildings they huddle in the cold. Away from the dinner parties they're "isolated" and some of them ashamed of themselves for still being engulfed by the habit. Like outcasts, the pariahs gather and inhale -- hold -- exhale 7,000 chemicals through a long white tube of paper full of tobacco and loaded with a short-term stimulant -- the second most addictive kind on the planet. "Gluttons for punishment" -- the non-smokers may call them. They know what they're doing to their bodies. So where's the sympathy for the plight, the blight, the horror of not being able to quit something you want to very badly? Where are the non-smokers who empathize? Where are the nutritionists now, to scream at them, that nutrition is the key to longevity, or at this point, has everyone just given up?

Research blames income levels for a high correlation of smokers of commercial cigarettes, meaning possibly that the poor are more stressed out, visit bars more often and drink more alcohol in general. It's true that there is a convenient store, a liquor store, a pawn shop, a bar or a tobacco shop on just about every corner in bustling urban areas.

Does America feed "the fix"? You bet "they" do. Big Tobacco wants all the customers-for-life it can get, and it doesn't care if they're kids, teens, new parents, pregnant women or the elderly. Big Tobacco doesn't care if you're white or black, poor or rich. Big Tobacco certainly doesn't care what political affiliation you have, but they do care about which cancer hospital you check into. That's just more money to fuel their investment in you, the pariah.   FREE PREVIEW OF COURSE!

Only 5 percent of smokers who try to quit will succeed - that's a lie!   14AndOut Natural Method offers high success rate:


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