Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The historical showdown between the BLM and the American citizens near Bunkerville, Nevada received total MASS MEDIA BLACKOUT due to principal revolutionary cause!

According to Natural News, one of the most extraordinary stories in the history of American journalism took place this year, and the mainstream (liberal) media was AWOL the entire time. An historical showdown between heavily armed federal agents (BLM) and armed American citizens unfolded near Bunkerville, Nevada, where the Bundy family announced that they were taking a stand against a federal land grab and cattle theft operation masterminded by federal agents working at the BLM.

The showdown ended in a complete victory for citizens vs. government tyranny, as the feds effectively surrendered, announced their evacuation and agreed to release all the surviving cattle they had stolen.

What's so astonishing about all this is that the mainstream media dispatched zero reporters to the scene and went to great lengths to downplay the reality of the situation as it unfolded. In doing this, the media lost massive credibility with the U.S. public, because it's now clear that there was a directive -- almost certainly from the White House -- that commanded media organizations to ignore the story or spin it with outright lies.

Meanwhile, alternative media -- citizen journalists -- made history by broadcasting live video from the Bundy ranch, posting video updates every few hours and conducting groundbreaking original research that uncovered the real story behind BLM's cover story that they were "saving tortoises."

For more information, log onto:

Video news organizations like Next News Network with Gary Franchi were pounding YouTube with video update and exclusive interviews with people on the scene. Click here for a complete playlist of all the videos Gary posted over the last several days.

Matt Drudge of was headlining key developments in the story, driving enormous traffic to alternative media sources that dared to report the truth of what was unfolding.

Adam Kokesh from Adam Vs. the Man was booking guests, slamming home remarkable interviews and getting massive eyeballs on YouTube for his outstanding work. See his YouTube channel here.

Organizations like Natural News and InfoWars were conducting original research and posting factual stories that went super-viral, clocking in 20K or more Facebook shares in mere hours. One story by Infowars reporter Kit Daniels became the most viral news story of the day, surpassing every mainstream news organization on the planet.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the historical showdown between heavily armed federal agents (BLM) and armed American citizens that unfolded near Bunkerville, Nevada, one can easily log onto:

This is why you can NEVER trust the government or the medical industrial complex with your health and safety! They're crooks and bullies and it's all about the money.




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