Sunday, April 26, 2015

BRAIN-KILLER WARNING! The Great Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says there's still dangerous levels of thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines, particularly the flu vaccine

Remember JFK, that guy who promoted the ambitious "New Frontier" domestic program that promised federal funding for education? Remember the guy who abolished the federal death penalty, and who signed executive orders prohibiting racial discrimination? Well, his nephew, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., the son of the former NY senator, is an environmental activist and syndicated talk radio host who advocates renewable energy development and protects local waterways. In May of 2010, he was named "Hero for the Planet" by for his work restoring the Hudson River.


Recently, he has brought to light a topic of great controversy in America: To vaccinate or NOT to vaccinate. He is warning Americans in this fight to keep California from becoming a tyrannical state that force-vaccinates its citizens in the name of Big Pharma profits. He compares the fight to the one Oregon won with its lawmakers, convincing them it was not in their best interest to vaccine indoctrinate all of its citizens.


You see, California lawmakers are getting hoodwinked (paid off or replaced) and coerced into voting for all public school children to be FORCE VACCINATED AT GUNPOINT or be taken away from their parents forever. Only home-schooled kids and private school children will be able to opt out of vaccines, BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS ARE RICH and can afford to do so. This is an attack by the VIC - the Vaccine Industrial Complex - and they want all the poor families to be subjected to toxic vaccines so that Big Pharma can bankroll later off the autism and mental retardation cases. This is all about money and control, and the whole USA could be next. California is just a test. Want a modern day lobotomy for yourself or your child? Just get a bunch of vaccines that are recommended by the fraudulent CDC jabbed into your muscle tissue. Most vaccines STILL CONTAIN DEADLY MERCURY and even MSG, aluminum (for alzheimer's promotion) and formaldehyde to begin embalming the living slowly.


The modern day lobotomy? Get too many vaccines too close together

Kids go home from getting a vaccine, get a fever of 103, and three weeks later their brain is gone.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr on "Real Time" with Bill Maher talking about toxic vaccines:


Robert F. Kennedy is quoted as saying:


"The biggest vector of mercury is coming from childhood vaccines."


"there is an extraordinary amount of thimerosal (form of  mercury) still in vaccines ... particularly the flu vaccine."


Read the full article at Natural News:



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